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Hi im sorry im sure its been asked repeatedly but cannot find the answer in earlier posts.

My mum had the flu which caused a life threatening asthma attack. Shes been in ICU with ventilator for 11 days now. She had a tracheostomy 2 days ago and starting the process of waking up. Her eyes opened yesterday.

How long after opening eyes did others experiences get to point to talking? Or rather communicate than talking.

Thank you x

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Mihar, Sorry to hear about Your mam, this must be really hard on you. My husband had a major brain haemorrhage, and ended up in a long coma afterwards (~4 weeks). He made a full recovery, but then repeated the Whole process the following year (right before scheduled surgery to correct the problem). So, not only do I have experience of this, I know that not every event is the same. The first time, he was in a deep coma for several weeks, and then when his intercranial pressure got more stable, they started weaning him of the "coma-medicine". This took a LONG time, several days until he even got to opening his eyes. The first day or two he didn't seem able to see, and waved his arms and legs around. Then suddenly the Next day he was "back". he knew we were there, could see us and talked to us. After a long coma, his muscles weren't used to talking and he was hard to understand, but he knew what he wanted to say. He was a bit strange for a while, but it was mainly a case of walking agian, getting used to solid Food etc. He came home from hospital about a month later and was back to work a month or so after that (I think 2-3 months off work after a brain haemorrhage is normal anyway). The second time the coma was Shorter but the recovery longer. It was several days from when he opened his eyes and could talk, that I realised he did actually know who we were. He said very little (just "shut up" during one memorable half hour visit to him in hospital), and at first we didn't know if he couldn't talk or wouldn't talk. The recovery was much longer, but again, several months after that, he was back at work. he is now 99% recovered and most People have no idea what he's been through. He had a tracheostomy both times (I suggested to the hospital tht they just put a button there, so it's easier to open up Next time!).


Even if I was able to communicate in some way - usually mouthing questions because of trachy, I couldn't remember asking because of sedative drugs. Flu caused complications for me too. After quite a long time, a week or so, I became aware of notes pinned to the door - stating that I was in intensive care Countess if Chester Hospital. Obviously I had been mouthing the same question over & over. I knew this to be a lie since I was really in some bizarre health resort cum medical facility in Caernarfon ( the drugs do strange things to your head). Hope your Mum improves soon.


Thank you so much for your help x


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