Waking up time after cardiac arrest resuscitationon

My wife had Cardiac arrest from PE and still in induced coma for two weeks with eyes just opening. The doctors are hoping to Trachy. What can you advise me with in terms of expectations for waking up?

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It took me 11 days to wake up after a 2 month medically induced coma. I was confused, some people can be extremely agitated and irrational. I was told that it can take a long time for the effects of the sedating drugs to leave your system. I was emotionally very up and down and could not retain any info. I hope your wife mends well. Best wishes.

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Hi sorry to hear about your wife, what have the doctors said? Is there any brain damage? Time is a healer why she is 'sleeping' her body is healing 😊


The doctors came back with the EEC result that there is a case of brain damage, but we have seen many of such that woke up. Just yesterday she started yawning and silently coughing. To me that is a sign of divine healing. Your further advice will help. Thank you.


That's really good 😊 even if there is very slight brain damage you can still have that person even if there brain is slightly more slower to react than ours. My dad had a cardiac arrest but he was 70 and not in great health and had severe brain damage 😢 He was in a coma for months! But don't give up hope think positive and keep talking to her 😊 Good luck Pauline x


Keep talking to her smother her with kisses my brother woke up after 8 days in a coma due to a major brain injury leading up to him waking up I would always check his heart rate on the monitor which was always about 60/70 as soon as I used to say hello brother it would shoot up to over 100 , they can hear you also check for eye movement behind her eyelids my brothers used to move a lot in the days leading up to him waking up , smother her with kisses play her favourite music and keep talking to her , I hope she wakes up soon


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