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Organ failure coma

My mother has been in the hospital since the 15th of July. She was admitted into the ER and soon found out she was going through kidney failure. Dialysis was started on her. To make my entire struggle short, which is a long thing, things have gotten complicated for many reasons. I'm typing this out with so much hope and faith on recovery but at the same time I have a lingering fear as all diagnosis point to her not coming out of the hospital alive.

Dialysis had to be stopped. She is behind since Monday. Today is July 30. Three days ago she was discharged but the news came late and when we had finally packed up her blood pressure dropped. She hasn't had dialysis for this reason. She had also stopped eating but had begun to do so that day and the next. More the next. I know it's not enough for the days she's gone through without food. She soon begun to slip into unconsciousness and is now in coma. She can breathe by herself. She moves her head. Opens her eyes a bit but it's rare, and reacts to pain though no longer vocally. The nurse told me today she is slipping into coma for organ failure. Her kidneys and liver are not working. Her organs are shutting down as they put it crudely. She has diabetes and other things apart her lack of nutrition, apperently some infection being treated.

At the moment she is on ICU since her blood pressure dropped critically and is being kept up by medication. I have hope she will pull through and wake up. I have faith in a miracle. She is 60 something. 68. Gone the through hell and back. I know she's strong and fighting. I've talked to her and played her music. Touch her. I just want to know if anykne has gone through something like this. If someone can recover from this?

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I hope your mother shows signs of recovery soon. My family were told on numerous occasions that it was unlikely I would survive. After arriving in A&E where they struggled to stabilise me, suspected sepsis shock & multiple organ failure. I was transferred to ICU where I remained, fighting for my life for 3 months. I was on every machine they had!!

Eventually, I was drawn out of a coma, the machines, one by one were removed and sometimes reinstated because my system was failing again or I'd pick up another infection. I'm still on the road to recovery but doing most normal things. The vast majority of people survive ICU. Your Mum needs to be tenacious in spirit.


I hope the situation your mother is in will start to improve gradually, you are doing all the right things - playing her music, touching her and talking to her.

I had peritonitis, septic shock, multi organ failure and put in a medically induced coma and was in ICU for a month - I am a survivor.



Hey dear My uncle was on the same case ,he died , thats why I am curious about organ (kidney) failure and I came to know about your story.. please tell me hows your mother.


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