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Strange sensation in chest post septic shock--anyone else have this?

Hi Everyone, I'm new here. Had hernia, small bowel obstruction and went into septic shock three months ago. Took me over a month to regain my strength, another two months to eat normally. Energy is back to what it was, starting to have hair loss but from what I've read here this is not unusual for people who have survived septic shock. The one change since my illness is a sensation in my chest that I can only describe as "pulses out out of sync with each other". My blood pressure is always normal (110/70) and although my heart rate is now higher than it used to be (in the past it was usually in the 50 to 65 range, now it's usually in the 70's so still within normal range). Since my discharge from the hospital I've had EKG's, an echo sonogram, an aortic sonogram, and am scheduled to have a stress test soon--all of these tests to determine what is causing this feeling in my chest--but so far everything, including blood work, is back to normal. Has anyone else had a similar sensation? I do not usually notice it when I am active, but only at rest or when trying to sleep. It is very distracting, annoying, and worrisome. I should add that recent blood work did show I had Vitamin D deficiency and I am being treated for it, but I have had this deficiency in the past but not had this feeling in my chest. I will appreciate any and all input, I am starting to feel desperate!

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Hi..I suffered from septic shock 2 years ago and I experienced similar sensations in my chest when I was moved to the ward from ICU. I had it checked out at the time and they found nothing. I now suffer from fatigue and anxiety and I can only suppose this is what it was. I no longer have these sensations. Take care x


Hi: I had septic shock about 3 1/2 weeks ago. On top of the crazy chest pains that I get (usually in back and side of chest but sometimes front also) I also get episodes of heart palpitations. Sometimes with the weird feeling in my chest I will also have tachycardia (sometimes as high as 133 beats per minute) but not always and sometimes I have low bp (93/54) but again not always. I have an EKG which didn't show anything and my labs are normal. I try hard not to worry about it and chalk it up to post sepsis syndrome. My doc says that if i keep having this then the next step will be a 24 hr monitor.. Hang in there; from what I read we might have a long road to recovery, possibly 18 months. My doc tells that most survivors eventually recover completely, so I just keep telling myself that I'm extremely lucky to be alive and extremely lucky to not have had anything amputated or organ death (I was on vassopressors in the ICU because without them my bp was 69/39). Hang in there!


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