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Hospital has now refused to do a post morton on father!


The death cert reads

1a) Multi Organ Failure

1b) Pneumoccal pneumonia

2 ) Congestive Cardiac Failure, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension

But i wonder how much of that is true and why septic shock is not put down as i was told this is what my father died from?

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Oh no Mark, I thought this was all going ahead. I’m sure you can request a hospital post mortem be undertaken as a relative? I would speak to PALS at the hospital. Were you told by one of the ITU staff that he had septic shock? I’m so sorry you are having to go through this xx

Hi Vicky, It such a mess! I was told i would get the results last monday or tuesday istead i got a email saying this and yes the ICU it was septic shock but for reason judging by my surfing on the internet they dont like to put it on death certs. Here is the email

Dear Mr Mason

The Senior Coroner for Inner West London has considered the Hospital referral received in respect of your late father, Mr William Mason. In doing so, she has considered the circumstances leading to the death, the medical records and the cause of death given by the hospital namely:

1a) Multi Organ Failure

1b) Pneumoccal pneumonia

2 ) Congestive Cardiac Failure, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension

The Coroner is satisfied that the cause of death is natural and she has no legal jurisdiction to order a Post Mortem or for her to investigate this death further. The necessary paperwork has therefore been sent to the Registrar’s Office to advise them of the Coroner’s decision so that you may now register the death of your late father and obtain a full death certificate. Please contact the Registrar’s Office in a couple of days’ time to make an appointment to attend to register the death.

Should you wish to arrange a private post mortem, the Hospital Bereavement Service may be able to advise you with regards that.

Kind regards

Hayley Davies

Coroner’s Court Manager, Inner West London

Hope you are well btw Vicky xx

I’m doing OK mark thanks 😊 I’m sure that you can request a hospital post mortem which has nothing to do with the coroner? I’d ask PALS about this if I were you. I think sepsis isn’t classed as an illness in itself and the things listed on the death certificate (eg multi organ failure) are a consequence of it x

I have no idea how your legal system works, but it does not make sense to me that the hospital would do a post-mortem on their own patient. It's a bit like having the fox look after the hen house. In South Africa, post-mortems are carried out by state forensic laboratories - independent of all hospitals. At this point I would suggest you head off to your local police station and explain the situation to them. Ask to speak to somebody in charge, not the bobby at the front desk

Hi Grant, i agree! although i was told that this was being done at different place thefore may have a different outcome, you will see the email they sent me above. Waited two weeks for nothing and my father is not even buried yet because of this hold up! Hope you are well

My understanding is that cases are referred to the Coroner when death has been unnatural, unexpected or the cause is unknown. Sometimes the causes they right down aren't what you expect which is a different scenario. I would encourage you to talk to PALS to sort it through in your mind as it is causing you such distress.

Thanks and will do

Sorry to hear another family going through a certain amount of distress. You can make a request directly to the Coronor's Office for a PM. Do you have anyone that can help and support you. Research on the internet, or Citizens Advice. PALs should give you leaflets. There may be contacts for Bereavement groups who should also be able to help you. Thinking of you.

Thank you floppybunny!


I'm sorry for your loss but my understanding is the sepsis is a secondary infection formally known as septicemia or blood poisoning which may have caused to organs to fail therefore will not show as cause of death as sepsis, I don't want to be to graphic but are you fully aware of what a post mortem entails? All organs are removed from the body including the brain and weighed before being placed in a plastic bag and being replaced in the abdomen with the great possiblity of the same result of death and also at great cost and distress to yourself, I know how difficult it can be to loose a loved one as I lost my 3 sisters and father to cancer at a far to young age and grief and guilt can make you look for someone to blame but unfortunately we can't bring them back, sometimes bereavement counseling can help you find that closure.

From my understanding ‘sepsis’ of itself isn’t a disease - it is a condition where the body ‘over- responds’ to infection, hence the MOF. The initial infection ie pneumonia- is normally recorded on the death certificate.

If you get PM - are you ready for the awful delay this will cause until you can bury him. I had to wait a month after my Mum had died before her body was released for burial, such was the back up at coroners.

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