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Mom's in an induced coma to treat severe double pneumonia

Good Day to the HU community. Honestly don' t even know how to start this or why I'm even dumping on you guys. I feel like I just need some reassurance through this which I feel is the worst period of my life ever.

A little history . Back in 2013 my mum was diagnosed with TB which damaged one of her lungs. Doctors advised us that she would always be prone to infections. Throughout the years she's been in and out of hospital due to respiratory infections. Last week however she felt flu-ish & by day 3 had trouble breathing & had to be taken to the hospital. Whilst on the O2 mask she seemed to be okay however 2 days ago after docs administered Hydrocortisone she started to experience severe delirium to the point where she'd talk incoherently & had trouble remembering my name , only my brothers. Got a call from the doc last night & he advised that her difficulty in breathing is just getting worse & they'd have to put her on a ventilator. So going on roughly 15 hours now the nurse hasn't been able to tell me much , just that her vitals have stabilized(BP/Pulse returning to normal).

I guess what I need to know is what are her chances of pulling through this . What exactly is the purpose of having to induce a coma in order to treat it & what exactly does this treatment entail. How long before we can see results/progress.

I'm truly sorry if I'm babbling & not making sense. I'm just so out of it & cant seem to focus on anything else. Everytime the phone rings my heart sinks expecting some terrible news. This is truly the worst feeling imaginable.

Appreciate any input & thanks in advance

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When I was admitted into A&E struggling to breathe, my wife asked if I understood that they were going to intubate me to help me breathe. She said that I was relieved. Non of which I remember. My wife, at that moment, assumed it would be for a few hours. Well they fitted a trachy about 2 months later at around the time I woke up. I had been intubated the whole time - I work fine now, apart from being immune compromised. I hope your Mum shows improvements soon.


As Sepsur has told you there is hope.My brother was critically ill this time last year and yesterday was one year to the day he started to wake up after being in a coma for a month. We were advised to remain hopeful and it is good advice. The ICU steps guide in resources on this site can be downloaded and explains about what happens in ICU. I think you will find it helpful as it is aimed at families of patients.

Also below is a link I found which explains what happens in an induced coma. As a nuclear scientist myself I needed to find information to understand what was happening to my brother. Please look at the ICU steps guide as it is good.



This is the ICU Steps Guide for patients and families



My son is currently recovering after 39 days in the ICU. Went into the ER with flu like symptoms. 3 days later he was on a ventilator. Within a week he had open heart surgery to replace an infected heart valve (endocarditis) which then spread into his lungs. After about 30 days of an induced coma he is now in an LTAC on a trach trying to wean off and gain back the 40 lbs he lost. He is also still very weak and learning to walk again as he gets his strength back. Miracles do happen and people can recover from sepsis. One day at a time.

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Love to your son Milmom.


Sending you love and prayers. 3 years ago this month my family were told I was not going to make it through the night. I’m still here, perhaps just so I can tell you this....

“There is always hope”

Doctors will always be brutally honest with you, your mum is very poorly. But in an induced coma, she will get oxygen, antibiotics, and all things needed for her body to try and heal, all the energy in her body will be directed into getting better.

The body is an amazing wonder. For example, did you know temporary hair loss post coma is really common? Why? Because the body decides that growing hair is irrelevant in the grand scheme of staying alive. So for all the doctors potions and machines, you have the extra special “mum magic” whereby her body will work so hard to focus itself on getting better. Sometimes the body goes into overdrive and sepsis can occur, well worth checking your docs are treating her for this also.

Take care

D x


Hey we all feel your pain. Icu is full of the most poorly people in the hospital. That being said she is in the SAFEST place with the best staff and equipment. An induced coma will be safest for her it is the safest way they can treat her and monitor her. Please don't loose hope hundreds of thousands go through it as you can see from the posts, this is just a waiting game. It takes ages and feels like forever and of course there are no guarantees but there's always hope no matter what.

Instead of speaking to the nurses who are obviously monitoring her and taking care of her, try to have a word with the consultant when he comes to do the rounds. They are the people who told me more detailed information when my hubby was in a coma. They are all working hard to keep her well and she is in the SAFEST place should she take a turn for the worse...xxxx promise you this is a long and painful journey and feels like it's out of your hands but just show.mum love and keep preying for her wish you all the best xxx

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