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Voice has not came back after being on resperator for 9 days, And it's now 6 months out of hospital

I was in icu with double pneumonia and put on a resperator for 9 days, I still have not got my voice back and it's been 6 months, Can anyone tell me if they have went though this. I am going to see a ENT this month to see if their was damage to voice when removing resperator.

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My wife tells me that my voice is much quieter since my stay in ICU, and I do feel I have to make more of an effort to speak louder. I've just accepted it as a permanent change. Hopefully, ENT can help you to get yours functioning again. All the best.


Hey there, I was shouting at my husband when they woke me (I was still hallucinating) so I guess my voice has always been pretty sorted since I awoke! I'm sure my hubby will confirm my voice is now back to normal bellowing self and I'd make sure you get checked out asap.


Hey BBDEBS, you sure you didn't hallucinate about shouting at hubby? 😊 When they brought me out of coma I was still intubated, then trachy for about three weeks, so no chance of shouting at anyone! 😄

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Nope, I very much called him all names under the sun. See in my nightmare, I was waiting for Willy Walsh to allow me on his personal jet to take me to Bristol for treatment but because my husband is type 1 diabetic, he'd gone to get some food. I missed my slot on the flight (this is all bol****s BTW) so I was so angry with him for jeopardising my recovery I was shouting at him. The nurses were telling me off for being so horrid to him. I think I actually made him cry!!!


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