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Tragic news for I and close friends daughter

Hi Everyone

Yesterday afternoon whilst I was visiting Annie in hospital with another close friend, I and Annie, Gareth's daughter had some very sad news about her dad.

We got the news at about 3pm by an A&E doctor who had come onto the high dependency ward to speak to Annie. The doctor said to her "I'm sorry but there is no other way to put this. your dad Gareth was pronounced dead 10 minutes ago" she then screamed and said to the A&E doctor "I need to see him" by speaking for the first time since coming out of the coma 3 days ago, yesterday. I went numb with shock.

The A&E doctor took I, my other close friend, Annie and a nurse looking after Annie on the ward down to the resuscitation room in A&E. He then took us all up to a body on a trolley that was covered up with a sheet and lifted the sheet back, that was when I and Annie broke down in tears because the body was Gareth's.

We don't know what caused his death yet, they will be a post mortem in the next few days from yesterday to find out.

I have known Gareth for just over 16 years, will miss him dearly.

I and Annie are both heartbroken and have been texting each other all afternoon today. She did say in one of her texts that she will keep fighting for herself, her baby girl and friends, including me. Annie does have close friends looking after her baby girl.

Had enough of bad stuff happening to me and my close friends this year but somehow I and my close friends have managed to come though it.


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Please remember and feel reassured that Gareth was in the very best place for all his health and medical needs. The hospital staff are all fully trained for these situations, my heart goes out to you all.


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