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Saw dad after 71 days


After 71 days of dad being admitted to hospital and then very quickly ICU, i finally got to physically see him today albeit for 5 minutes!

My dad was stepped down to a medical ward on monday and today transferred to a local hospital (also happens to be the one I work at) and as the ambulance arrived i was able to see him as they took him into the ward.

It was just so lovely to see him, I wanted to give him a big hug but made do with very briefly placing my hand on his.

We are onto the recovery and rehab part of dad's journey now and I hope it won't be too long before we can bring him home🤞🏼🙏🏽💜

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So happy you got to see each other and hope now he’s at the hospital you work at there is more opportunities for you to visit. I can bet that quick five mins was emotional!

Wishing your dad all luck in regaining some strength , another step to getting home xx

Thank you hun xx

Hi hun

How is dad? X

He had his tracheotomy out yesterday he’s doing well. Looking like they are giving him something to eat today for the first time ,he’s been drinking for the last week,

All goes well stepping down to the ward in a couple of days .

He’s so very positive now and just doing all he can to get home .

How’s your dad settled ? Xx

That is great news and will be great when he is stepped down.

My dad also willing to do whatever to get home but he is getting a little impatient :)

He has some tingling pain in his right foot and lower leg which sounds like nerve pain but they are doing a doppler scan this afternoon so hopefully all is ok xx

Dad was doing so well he stepped down to the ward today .

He’s seems a little emotional and said how much he’s missing us all and just wants to get home now .

He also said the ward is full of “ oldies “ haha he’s 65 now no spring chicken .

He’s just in a general ward with the physio coming to him , so hope it’s not a long road for him .

Talking about covid and how scared he will be , as he says there is no guarantee he won’t get it again 😢

Gosh I hadn't even thought about risk of them getting covid again.

I truly hope that they have made some antibodies and that it does mean some immunity but guess we will just need to keep them pretty shielded until evidence is released to support.. so scary just thinking about it possibly happening again xx

just wonderful news HopefulA so very happy for you and your dad!

I bet it warmed his 💓 heart to see you for those precious minutes... i am sure it will help ease some anxieties too now he is in a place that you are familiar with & can hopefully check in on him from time to time ... 💪🏻❤️ xx

HopefulA in reply to jayniej

Thanks hun, yes definitely helps me and also I think he will feel less confused and more confident just knowing I am close by...

How's dad today? Xxx

jayniej in reply to HopefulA

yes absolutely!

so pleased for you both

Dad is doing well but absolutely desperate to get home now he has been told he can have physio from home!

He is very down and tries his best to hide it from us but occasionally gets abit nowty on the phone which is to be expected after 72 days in hospital and the mental strain of it all

They plan to do a discharge meeting this week 🤞🏻 His warfarin level needs to come to a therapeutic range first as they have started him very cautiously as it has caused internal bleeds in the past 🥺 but is needed to protect his mechanical heart valve xx

HopefulA in reply to jayniej

Hey lovely

How are you? Dad ok? Have you got a date for the discharge meeting this week? X

Brilliant news, I loved seeing my family - & I saw them for a couple of hours each day - I can only imagine how your Dad would have felt.

This will be my 10th day in isolation - the room I have has special filtered air so I don’t pick up infection. All the staff wear PPE - which I’ve got used to at last ( but it’s not the same), they are definitely more friendly since ivr come back Covid negative.

The days are long and I notice how much strength & muscle I lose each day being trapped in bed.

HopefulA in reply to Sepsur

Thank you Sepsur.

Are they letting family come and see you at all at the moment?

I really hope hospitals start relaxing some visiting rules in the next week or so.

I think not having family around, staff in PPE is adding to patient's being confused for longer and slows recovery as the nurses are incredibly busy, if family could visit they could help loved ones with some physio practice etc.. even just small things.

I hope you are out of there soon x

Sepsur in reply to HopefulA

No family or visitors at all where I am. Just about to have my weekly Covid test - which are another joy - didn’t know they needed to tickle your brain with the probe.🤣

Ferham in reply to Sepsur

I hope you can leave soon and they get to the bottom of your issue , it's soul destroying in the side room as you only have the four walls for company. Hopefully you have enough to entertain you, take care and hope you are home very soon x

I’m sooooo pleased for you , I Hope dads recovery is speedy and you have him home soon , excellent news xx

HopefulA in reply to Pandysgirls

Thank you lovely xx

Lovely news. God bless 🙏🏽🤗

Soooooo lovely you got to see him 🥰 hopefully you’ll be able to pop in more often 🤞🤞

What’s his mobility like? Is he able to walk by himself? Have they told you what the next stages are in terms of rehab recovery? Lots of love to you all xxx

He is still very weak from a mobility point of view, not walking.

They are still getting him to try and stand using the sara steady.. it frustrates him that he can't stand but he will get there hopefully.

I think physios will assess him tomorrow and make a plan.

How's your dad getting on with his recovery? Xxx

Dolphin011 in reply to HopefulA

Ahh I hope he’s making progress and he has a good plan in place!

Dad was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital today and they plan to reassess him in two weeks, but so far so good. Baby steps in sitting and walking a little bit xxx

HopefulA in reply to Dolphin011

Awww fab news, great that they have him doing some walking.

How is dad's breathing when doing physio.

My dad gets out of breath when they get him to pull himself on the Sara steady and sit in chair, which bothers him but I am trying to reassure him that it will improve x

Dolphin011 in reply to HopefulA

In the beginning dad was also out of breath, but it’s getting less and less. He still requires a little oxygen with physio but the breathlessness is improving. He needs help to stand but is able to walk several steps unaided! How is your dad getting on? Xxx

This is wonderful news , you being so close by is the perfect tonic. Each day he will get stronger , he will soon be pulling himself onto the sara steady and they will assess his physio. How is he today ? x

Great to hear your dad's on the road to recovery, hopefully you can get to see him more often 👍💪🙏

That’s great! So excited for you after not seeing him for so long.

brilliant news

HopefulA in reply to avnipiro

How is your dad doing? X

this is amazing news A - im so happy for you & your family. wishing your father a speedy recovery & sending love to your family 💛

HopefulA in reply to mylko

Thank you so much xx

I’m so glad to be reading that your dad is out of ICU and that you got to see him. I hope that he is doing well and that you are doing ok too xx

HopefulA in reply to Olivia2902

Thank you sweetheart, he is getting there.

I think of you and your sister often. How are you keeping? Silly question i know but I hope you are looking after yourself? Xx

Olivia2902 in reply to HopefulA

This last month has felt like a lifetime but has also gone past in the blink of an eye. We are just trying to get through things the best we can xx

HopefulA in reply to Olivia2902

Sending love huni, here if you ever want a chat💜😘

Wonderful news ❤️ Think of you and your Dad always xxx

HopefulA in reply to Cally74

Thank you my lovely, hope you are doing ok? You are always in my thoughts xxx

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