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My brother has just woken from being in intensive care and a coma after 6 days from sepsis and phenomena and the flu virus

My brother has just come out of a coma and off life support 6 days now he had sepsis and phenomena we didn't except the next part when we arrived at hospital after 6th day they said he awake and is sitting up we all went in so happy then reality hit he looks awful he 31 and looks like a old man he don't seem to have control over his facial expressions he crys and has random twitches in his face body we understand he wasn't going to have energy and that he needs to rebuild that but seeing him scared crying not mobile and just generally very tired and ill looking confused and very slow on replays is heartbreaking it's only been 48 hours but the second day he seemed so much worse is this something anyone experienced

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When you come round, it can be very confusing. You've probably got loads of powerful drugs coursing around and nothing makes much sense. What can you do? Just hold his hand and care for him. Listen to him (however, bizarre his statements) and gently try to bring him back to reality. Does he know where he is? Does he know what happened? What can he remember? Coming back is a long, slow process - but, with help, you should get your brother back. Best Wishes.


Good to hear that your brother is out of the coma and off life support. It takes a while to completely recover from a coma (on top of the underlying illness). My husband used to randomly burst into tears after coming out of his second coma, and when I asked why he was crying, he didn't know. i think it had more to do with all the medication (sedatives etc) he had been on and was still on. It takes a while for the body to recover.

If I understand your e-mail, he was in a coma for 6 days, and you wrote 48 hours after he came out of the coma. It can take a few days for people to be properly aware after coming out of a coma, never mind being almost back to their old selves. Be patient with him, and accept this could be a long, slow process. And very important - please look after yourselves. Split up the hospital visits between you, and take some time to relax. Your brother will need your support for at least the next few days, if not weeks or longer so don't wear yourselves out.

thinking of you all.


I am sorry to hear how I’ll your brother has been. My younger brother was in this situation a year ago on life support with sepsis from flu. He was unconscious for a month. The drugs used to induce coma take a while to work out of the system as the organs are not functioning properly. ICU delerium can occur and the confusion you have seen I experienced too watching my brother. There is a 14 minute radio programme on Radio 4 from a Trustee of ICU Steps who was critically ill himself. You may find it useful to listen to this.


There is also an ICU guide for patients and careers that explains about ICU environment. I will find the link and sent it.

With best wishes to you and your family. My brother has since made a complete recovery.


This is the link that explains what happens in a coma



This is the ICU steps guide which is also helpful.


Best wishes to you and your brother and family


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