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My brothers been sleeping for 8 days

My brother was attacked and had major surgery on his brain 8 days ago he's been sleeping ever since , we don't know if he's going to ever wake up he's started to move his eyes behind his eyelids when we are talking to him and heart rate goes up as soon as he knows we are there. My world is falling apart in dying inside I need a miracle

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I hope your brother pulls around soon, best wishes to you & your family


Please don't lose faith. My mother is in a somewhat same situation and critical state. Similar and different. What I mean to say, as cliche as it sounds, I understand your pain and despair. Sadly all we can do right now is be patient and wait. Don't lose faith. Keep that hope. Your brother needs you and your family the most. From what you speak of his reactions chances are he is slowly pulling out of the state he is in. Talk to him. Just keep talking. Touch and voices can draw him out believe it or not. Be patient and don't loose hope please, stay strong. Best wishes and prayers.


I was in a medically induced coma for over a week but under a fortnight, please touch his hands and feet, stroke his forehead and cheeks. This all helps his recovery process and be reassured to know he is in the very best place for his medical needs. The staff will put his needs first and will be there 24/7.

All the very best,



Thank you for your replies I went to visit him this morning he was awake we can't believe it he's following us with his eyes but hasn't gave us a reaction yet I.e wiggle toes or clench our hands I told him if he needs more time that's fine he's still on the ventalator turned down low nest step of the journey to see if there is any damage thank you so much everyone

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