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A Little help here

I'm so frustrated with the decision making process everyone is so critical of my reservations. The doctors haven't been as smart about certain procedures. My husband has 2 chest tubes and the doctors are trying to stick him with a third because oh no the others aren't working. One punctured his lung and the other was placed to fix that problem but instead of using a camera to guide that one they made an assumption. I'm so tired of this he's getting sicker and everytime they make a suggestion that I don't agree with I get nurses and family telling me how great the doctors are and then the "professional doctors" are never around to answer any questions or concerns. I never wish this on anyone

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they are trying to use one to drain fluids the other to suck up the air but it isnt doing the job effectively


I had a traci and 2 chest drains inserted as my lungs were so badly infected my lungs were compartmentalised but they found where to put them by xray and it worked for me. One of the biggest problems with ICU they usually have to make quick decisions and even though you are their your husband is the priority. My wife used to talk to one of the specialist nurses with all her questions.

Hope all goes well.


one tube actually punctured his lung


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