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Time on CCU in a induced coma


Hi, am new to this site and made up to find it, I am having difficulty with the memory of my experience in CCU lots off dreams that I cant differ from real life or dreams, will it all make sense to me soon? I have a appointment with CCU yo talk over my stay this week will this help? Been back to CCU but the whole place looked different to what I thought, thank you in advance, Joanne x

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Hi Joanne, I felt like you when I found this site, everyone is so supportive and it's so good to chat to others who have had the same experiences.

I was in an induced coma for just under 2 months and experienced many strange dreams. When I woke, and whilst still experiencing the effects of the drugs, I continued to have some strange experiences, like seeing giant slugs crawling up the bed opposite and thinking my legs were made out of marbles! I struggled to work out if things were real or dreams.

I still look back (9 months after waking) and wonder if I dreamt it or imagined it or it happened. Most of my dreams were so odd I realise they can't have actually happened, but occasionally I ask my family if something did take place or not.

I'm sure as time goes by and you talk over your experience it will make more sense. I hope the meeting goes well, best wishes.

Hi, thank you for your reply, I was only in coma for two weeks total six weeks in hospital, my strange dreams were going to parties, football player been badly burnt, people dying, Chinese woman, babies in ccu, Halloween, staff wanting to kill me the dreams go on, its all so confusing. I have wrote dreams down with drawings and one thing I realised is I was in bed and everything was happening around me. Great to here you have got through your stay, take care, Jo

Hi, I am actually writing a book based on my husbands dreams whilst in a coma last year, if you would like to include your experience, please email me at missylils@hotmail.co.uk and i'll give you more info.

Or visit my facebook page facebook.com/killingmarmalade/



Hi Joanne,

It's one of the most disturbing things for people in ICU to understand. I spent 3 months in ICU five & half years ago, with the first seven & half weeks completely missing, for me it was like being in a virtual world that was mostly terrifying, believing someone had sent a hit man to kill me, the grim reaper taking people away and some that were just bizarre.

The first thing I remember was waking up to find this tube attached to my throat and unable to speak and a radio playing and on the news they said Gary Moore the rock guitarist (formerly of Thin Lizzy) died that day 6th February 2011, I didn't know if it was real or I imagined it, I had to Goggle it months later to see that it was true.

It was then the hallucinations started, seeing spiders making red webs, then a the machines behind a bed turned into a fish tank with all these colourful fish swimming round, as the drugs where reduced things improved but you never forget them however how much time passes.

Fortunately my wife kept a diary, my daughter taking over at times when my wife thought it was pointless when it looked like I wouldn't survive, I'm so glad they did as when I read it through the tears several months later it help me understand not only what had happened, but what a terrifying ordeal the whole family had gone through being called to the hospital to say goodbye on several occasions, thankfully the brilliant doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to save my life, something I'll always be grateful for.

I hope you find the answers you're looking for.

Best wishes, Bill

BBDEBS in reply to Luckyone

I'd love to read your diary bill if ever you want to share? Xx

Luckyone in reply to BBDEBS

I'd be happy to share it with you, it's about my 53 days in a coma, I also have a PowerPoint presentation that I used at a conference last year which tells the complete story of my illness to recovery.

If you want to message me your email address I'll send you a copy of both.


jobo_2016 in reply to Luckyone

hi bill,

thank you for you message I would love to hear your story, my email address is joanne_1_2001@yahoo.co.uk

look forward to hear from you


stevet11753 in reply to Luckyone

Hi Bill,

I would also be interested to read this. My niece and nurses kept a diary during my 31-day stay in ICU.

LIke you, I had dreams of gangsters chasing me, wanting to kill me. I've wrote about my dreams in the form of a story-poem, which you're welcome to read if you're interested.

My email is: steve.t11754@yahoo.com

Cheers, Steve

I hit a wrong key, my email is:


Mrs_Cooper in reply to Luckyone

Hi, I am actually writing a book based on my husbands dreams whilst in a coma last year, if you would like to include your experience, please email me at missylils@hotmail.co.uk and i'll give you more info.

Or visit my facebook page facebook.com/killingmarmalade/



Hi jobo_2016

I spent nearly 2 weeks in icu 4.5 years ago due to sever sepsis (my pancreas tried to quit on me). A lot of that time was spent in a coma. All of my dreams and hallucinations seemed centered in the hospital, so it took me a long time to realize they did really happen. For nearly two years, after I got out of hospital, I thought the man in the next hospital room had died and they wheeled him down the hall with balloons tied to his bed. I finally mentioned it to my daughter and she said the man survived and was sent to the step-down unit before me. I can remember screamin for nurses to help me leave, but now I realize that I had tubes down my throat and nose and couldn't scream.

The memories fade over time, although slowly and never completly. You may need to talk to a therapist to sort it all out (I did). You will find a variety of things that will help you? Talking with CCU is a great step, but for me there still pieces that don't make sense. I think that's also normal. Time and patience are your best friends.

hi, thank you all for your story it has been a great help knowing I'm not going mad, I have an appointment tomorrow with CCU and hopefully this will make it a bit clearer, will keep you updated, thank you again 😊 x

I am losing my mind hospital appointment was today, just had nearly a two house chat with ccu staff, things seam a lot clearer now and looking into attending support group through icu step looking forward to this, all my love Joanne 💐

Our ITU support group is amazing and our support nurse phenomenal. Do go, it will help so much and take your close family too xx

hi bbdebs,

I have been to the icu steps in rainhill this week and it was fantastic, meeting lovely people who have been through the same thing also icu nurse who was very helpful and easy to talk to, cant wait to go back.

thank you


Hi Joanne, I'm also new here, and it's so interesting to read other people's experience during coma and sedation. It seems like there are many similarities. I wrote down mine in the form of a story-poem so I wouldn't forget them, but I can still clearly recall some of them.

I see you go to Rainhill support group. That's also nearest to me, I'll have to try to get along there sometime.

Best wishes, Steve

hi Steve,

thank you for your message, it would be great if you could attend meeting as it helped me with a lot of unanswered questions, when where you in icu? Great to hear you got through it.

regards, Joanne

Hi Joanne,

I was in the ICU at Royal Liverpool Hospital for about 31 days during April/May 2015, so it's well over a year now, but I still feel the repercussions. I visited the ICU a few months later and met some of the nurses involved in my care, but I couldn't remember them, even though I was out of my coma by then. It just shows what strong drugs and sedatives can do to your memory.


hi Steve, hope you are well, there is a icu support group on tomorrow at rainhill, I will be going, hope to see you there, the more the merrier 😁.

regards, Joanne

Hi Joanne, I'm afraid I can't make it, my wife's not been well and needs me! What time do the meetings usually take place?

Thanks, Steve

hi Steve, sorry to hear your wife is not to well, hope she is feeling better soon, meeting between 6 -8, message only just arrived now, hope to see you next month take care.

regards, Joanne

hi Steve,

I was in Aintree Hospital in May this year for two weeks, my mind and body are still getting over it, I went back to icu 2 months ago and the staff and place was no were like I remember, even going to a ward afterwards I cant remember due to drugs ect.



Hi, I am actually writing a book based on my husbands dreams whilst in a coma last year, if you would like to include your experience, please email me at missylils@hotmail.co.uk and i'll give you more info.

Or visit my facebook page facebook.com/killingmarmalade/



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