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Induced coma


Hi, my brother bought a dirt bike on the 29/06/18, he has never owned a bike in his life, he rode the bike up his road (which is a hill) and back down again and he crashed into a lamp post, he fractured his scope in many places, broke his collerbone on the right side, snapped his right arm bone (did not break the skin) and snapped his right leg which did break the skin, he was in an induced coma for 3 days then they tried to wake him up, he became very aggressive and trying to get out of the bed so they put him back under, this has now been a pattern of one day on two days off for the last 4 weeks, since being admitted they have put metal in his arm and leg, the swelling ha gone down so there are no concerns with the brain now which is good but they don’t know how much damage there is to the brain till he wakes up, but he can’t fully wake up because he becomes aggressive and try’s to pull the feeding tube out, we have no say in his medical treatment as the council have agreed to there application for care as he is not mentally capable of making decisions himself, he does talk when he wakes up but it’s a growl voice and he thinks he’s been kidnapped which I know is a side affect from the drugs, my sister was told today that he could be this way for the rest of his life he is only 33, which is worrying for the whole family, the problem I have is he has a feeding tube in and loads of needles ( which he is scared of) I would like them to put him in a room with mattresses on the floor take out all his tubes including the feeding tube and let him come off the drugs and do what he needs to do (safely of course) but I don’t know how to approach it with the doctors or even if it’s a good idea, they did put him in a room before with mattresses but he still had the feeding tube in so became aggressive trying to pull it out so they put him back under, I just feel we’re going around and around in circles and not trying anything new, Advice would be greatly appreciated please x

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Sorry that should say skull lol x

A second opinion?

I could find a relevant but not altogether comfortable read -

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Thank you for that, I have passed it on to my mum and sister, we just want them to wake him up like they have just without the feeding tube and we don’t know how to ask x

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Maybe this article will help with understanding icu structure

Hello Mw75, I am sorry to hear about your brother, I was in ICU for about 3 -4 weeks, I recognise a lot of what is going on with your brother, the only thing that I can positively say isthat it was my daughter talking to me that kept me sane, you have to keep talking to him, don't be aggressive, I know that I was a 'tube puller' and felt that the staff were trying to kill me, it is terrifying ! It is difficult but I would heed the advice of the doctors and staff, they are dedicated people and it is not their intention to hurt him, I am sorry that I cannot be of any viable help, just talk, that was what calmed me, I wish you and your brother all the best, garry2017

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