Healing Post Induced Coma

I was in a medically induced coma with deliriums 2 months ago due to seizures and difficulty breathing post seizure. I am now having difficulty managing what was real and what wasn't. It seems like a bad dream that doesn't leave. The memories of things that weren't real are now plaquing me while I have no memory of any of the real things that happened. I am going for counselling to try and get through these memories in a month, I am both looking forward to it and feeling terrified to go through these horrible memories. All of my memories of my deliriums are horrifically negative. Im here seeking support for this from people who understand.


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  • Good luck with your sessions - the dreams were pretty vivid and grim.

  • yes they are awful and seem completely real. At least now I know they weren't but they aren't going away as fast as Id like them too. :}

  • Have you got any ICUsteps meeting near you?

  • not sure Im in Ottawa Canada

  • thanks so much

  • They take time to ease off but it will become easier to live with and you will decipher real from dreams. It's good your seeing someone soon though it does help to talk x

  • thanks so much. yes it is getting slowly better. Physically I'm better that I was pre hospitalization. Psychologically its taking more time.

  • Mentally always takes longer as no one who has experienced them dreams could understand so when you talk to them they look at you like you got a screw loose lol 😁

  • Yeah or they laugh as they tell you how crazy you were while to you it was not a laughing matter.

  • It isn't for you at the moment but when you can laugh at them and you will in time you know your healing x

  • A year ago I was in an induced coma for five weeks, the 'dreams' were incredible, (I've described a couple of them here). A year on I still remember all of them quite clearly but I've come to think of them as VR movies, only partially drawing on my actual real life memories. We can all remember certain movies we've seen that made a strong impression. The drugs used to induce a medical coma are powerfully psychoactive, how they create the hallucinations, often negative and frightening, seemingly from nowhere in your life experience, reported by survivors, is still unknown, even by doctors and scientists.

    In the sixties the advocates of psychedelic drugs would have dismissed them as a 'bad trip'. Bad trips are not easy to forget but they do fade in time. Your experiences are not you, they are termed hallucinations and that's all they are. Think of them as the worst movie you ever saw, not you, not real but a movie playing in your mind that can be forgotten. Realizing that is the first step towards escape. Meditation helps. Good luck and Best Wishes. David.

  • thank you so much david. so good to know i am not alone. :} Shannon

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