MY mom is in ICU

Hello everyone this is a difficult time for me and my family and I need some reassurance. My mom was taken by ambulance to the hospital on Thursday September 1, around 2am. My dad woke up to her barely being able to breathe and infection coming out of her mouth. We got to the hospital and it turns out she had a lot wrong. She has pneumonia, sepsis, dehydration, thyroid problem, and a UTI. They had to put her in a medically induced coma and put the tube down her throat so she could breath. She was in the coma from Thursday Sept. 1 until Monday Sept 5 around 10 am. She was trying to take the tube out of her throat the day before and she was waking up on her own since they didnt have her sedated as much at this point. They removed the tube and just put her on normal oxygen where she was able to breath on her own for the most part. On Monday she was weak but she could move her body, she was able to speak it was hard to understand her sometimes but I could figure out what she meant, the nurse's didn't want her talking however they wanted her voice to rest. We watched TV together she knew what show was on etc. I was there all day I left about 9:30pm Monday night told her I loved her she said it back. My dad calls me Tuesday morning and is a little concerned she wasn't acting like herself. I go to see her and she is just very spacey staring at the ceiling and can't focus on anyone or anything. She couldn't talk or move at all. Later in the day she had a seizure. We do believe it was due to her not having her Xanax medication she has been on for years. So they have given her 3 doses of Adivan at this point but she is still not acting like herself. She is still very spacey and like she is not even here with us anymore. She was able finally able to focus on me a couple of times and shake her head yes very slightly. I just don't understand how she was fine Monday and the following day she is this bad off. Does anyone have any experience with this?? We are so scared and don't know what more we can do.

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  • Hi I had the same thing 3years ago the sepsis on its own really is hard on the body plus all the other stuff going on! My family said I was completely out of it for days after coming out of ICU I would have days I felt fine and the next day I was ill again! It's the body's way of healing, just give her time ! She will need a lot of encouragement from everyone it took me a long time to recover when I got home! Hugs for you xx

  • Yeah she isn't home yet she is still in the ICU. So she has been awake for 3 days. We keep telling her how strong she is and that she will pull thru and that everyday she will get stronger! It's just so hard! Thank you for your response it gives me some relief!

  • It's hard when your in ICU you lose time in there they tell you to sleep but you can't as your frightened to sleep in case you don't wake up all sorts of things go around in your brain! The drugs that they give you for it are really potent I kept telling everyone I had to go to work! One poor nurse got shouted at as I saw big bugs on her hands!! Just give your mum time it's hard being in there sometimes it's hard to focus never mind trying to speak. It's early days for her just be patient keep speaking to her. Just being there and giving her hugs will help immensely xx

  • Hi Hun I was in a coma a couple of months ago. It was an induced one as I had double pneumonia, flu, sepsis, kidney failure and lung injury. I was in the coma for a month, it is v weird at first when you come round, you lose track of time and can't think straight as the meds make you feel really odd. I'm sure she will be back to normal in due course, but it does take time. Hugs X

  • Yes I have noticed an improvement even yesterday evening thankfully. I was just worried but you are right she b just needs time to heal!

  • It is natural and easy to feel worried but be reassured your mum is in the very best place, the staff are all trained to help and care for these times, please try and relax. Please talk to her, stroke her forehead and hold her hand. My family did all these things and even though I don't remember any of it, it makes me feel so special and touched.

  • Yes I do that every single day!! We all do!

  • I know it's been a month since this post but wanted to update it. My mom is now home thankfully. It was a very tough road and we are still working through it all. She is able to walk now, her memory is back, and she can speak clear. She is finally off all of the medication except the thyroid medicine which she will be on for life. She is slightly worried she is getting a cold so we are justill very cautious. She complains of headaches and body aches and I'm hoping that will soon subside for her. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. I have never been so thankful in my life that my mom is still here with us!!!

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