Hi Everyone,

A relatively new member here (Phil 112) who I've been offering support to via email & messages, has ask me to post on his behalf as he has been admitted to hospital again fearing the sepsis he had a year ago may have returned as he was feeling very unwell & confused, which many of us here in the community that have had sepsis can relate to, fortunately there appears to be no sign of sepsis, but possibly pneumonia or a strong strain of flu.

As a former ICU patient a return to hospital can be a terrifying experience, so if there is anyone in the community that has been readmitted in the past and could offer Phil a few words of comfort I sure it would be greatly appreciated by him.

He also told me he will be back posting & supporting everyone when he has recovered from his current admission to hospital.

Many thanks,


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  • Thinking of you X 

  • I'm so sorry to hear Phil is back in hospital.

    When I was in ICU I wanted someone to hold my hand all the time, but obviously the staff were too busy.

     I can't be there to hold Phil's hand, But if it's possible to hold hands telepathically, I'm doing it.

  • Thinking of you, Phil. I will say a prayer for your quick recovery. 

  • I should add that my Mom went into septic sock at two different times due to blocked ureters from kidney stones. She made it through each, even with a code blue called at one point. She still suffers from the repercussions of all the antibiotics but she is with us and is strong. You can do this, Phil. Be strong and hopeful. Try to remember you made it through before and you can do it again. Hugs to you and yours. 

  • Septic shock. 

  • Hi Phil, I'm thinking of you as I know from your last few postings how bad you had been feeling. I'm with you in spirit and mind and wishing you a speedy recovery. Xxxx

  • Dear Phil,

    Sorry to hear you are unwell! I am thinking if you & look forward to you posting soon, rest up & get well soon lovely.

    Sarah xx

  • I know how how he will be feeling,  pneumonia or bad flu would send me into panic as that's what put me in ICU at the age of 42. I am waiting for an operation on my mouth, and the thought of that is enough to send me into panic!!!

    Sending Phil lots of healing vibes and hugs, it'll be Ok!  

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