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My OMG!!! Moment

 I Over 12 years ago, after a nasty multi section posterior lumbar surgery, I was still in a great deal of pain. I mean pain, not discomfort. The pain meds I was on did very little to ease my pain. ( to be fair I have been told by 2 physicians I do have a big tolerance for meds),. I basically lived on a heating pad on high, and have the scars to prove it occasion, even that did not work. By accident, one day I took to much of one or both of my meds that induced sleep. I wanted to sleep through the pain. This led to asperating and septicsemia and pneumonia. I was in a medical induced coma for nearly 5 full days. I remember very little. Nightmares, confusion about where I was and who people in my life were. Approximately 2 weeks after returning home, I got back to normal more or less. Lets say I got to My New Normal. Since then I have struggled with social awkwardness, memory problems, something they call pseudo seizures, and moments where I simply go away. Yesterday my husband and I came across a article about a medical study of patients whom have been in medically induced comas, and It was like reading a article about myself. We were blown away. I have been to numerous doctors, and ERs, and no one has told us that hey this is why your the way you are, and its to be expected. That is all for now.

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That is the truth no one except the person who has had it can explain what is going on in the head.  Some seem to think that an induced coma is a total blank to the person but it is not.  The only thing I have from it was the lack of pain.  While in an induced coma. 


Can you post a link to this article? Thanks 


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