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help, coma

My cousin has been placed in a medically induced coma for just over a week now, as they fear she has experience adult cot death like symptoms, when doctors try to wake her she take epileptic fits and this weakens her so its a long hard process, anyone every had a experience like this or family member go though this? any help would be greatly appreciated as we are clutching at straws here, Please x

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I spent 53 days in and out of an induced coma something I have no memory of, I'm told by my wife and family I was very critically ill, spending the first 19 days on a ventilator before having a tracheotomy, on several occasions I was brought out of the coma and having to be put back into a coma as I would become very agitated & distressed which can be very difficult for relatives to understand why this is done, my wife was told it's to give the body the best chance of recovery by keeping the patient calm and resting the vital organs.

My best wishes go to your cousin and family at this difficult time.


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