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Has anyone else got their medical notes?

I asked for my medical notes from one of the hospitals I was in, even though some of it made no sense it did tie up some of my questions has anyone else done this?

The one hospital was very helpful but the other did not seem to want me to have them in case I was going to use them against them. I had to go though their legal department first and gave up.

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I have a copy of my notes. I wrote to PALS and they out me in touch with records department. Filled in a form. And a photocopy was sent to me. Maximum charge £50. The notes are yours and you are entitled to a copy


You are able to access your own healthcare records but not those of anyone else's. The hospitals should all have a system of how you can apply for them. It will involve form filling and there is a cost attached. If you really want them then pursue.

The other suggestion I would give is that whay not contact the hospital / ITU and ask to talk to the Senior Nurse and Consultant on the unit to go through what happened. They should be able to answer any questions / queries that you have. We do this at my hospital


I used the notes to tie in what was in my head and if it was linked with events when they put the second drain in something went a little wrong which linked to the time I had 6 units of blood


Hi....I've got notes from one hospital as I was transferred. I had to pay the full 50 as apparently mine was really thick (not really) the notes were terrible. managed to understand bits n Bob's n it didn't really help to be honest. I caught MRSA whilst I was there and couple solicitor firms couldn't take on my case because of the lack of clarity....n I weren't able to answer their questions as I was in ICU for most of my stay. I still am unable to determine whether the auto immune disease I wassup diagnosed with was triggered before or after I got there....?

But those notes are yours and you have every right to them.

Mind you I asked for all the notes and they told me to contact xray department for all their notes- silly I paid 50. I expect it all to be there!


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