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Has anyone else looked into post traumatic stress disorder and realise you have it!?

I came out of hospital in feb 2010 and have spent some time trying to research why I feel as I do! , I am getting on with my life but have realised I am definitely have PTSD, it is quite common after Icu , why should I be diagnosing myself, Icu saved my life, thank you, no follow ups though! That is the big thing missing!

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I was in ICU in Jan 08 and I was diagnosed with PTSD in March 2009. I still have going treatment for it now. I asked my GP for help and I was sent to a Consultant Psychiatrist who diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and PTSD. My sessions have helped and I would strongly suggest you get it treated. Some people only take a few sessions others take years - unfortunately I'm in the latter! The first part is acknowledging you have an issue and wanting to get sorted - I was massively in denial and was trying to convince myself I was fine and then it all got too much so asked for help.

I hope this helps and that you get treatment soon.


I spent 88 days in ICU and a total of 103 days in hospital finally leaving at the end of March 2011, I believe I had PTSD soon after leaving hospital, I felt life wasn't worth living and my family would have been better off if I hadn't survived, I tried to deal with it myself but ended up being fairly unpleasant to my family as I felt they didn't understand what I was going through, but they never gave up trying to help.

I was very lucky my hospital has a follow up clinic and my consultant recognized my condition and referred me to a clinical psychologist, who helped me understand and come to terms with what had happened to me.

I am now involved in an ICU support group which I helped set up with members of ICU staff, helping other come to terms with what can be a very difficult and traumatic time, I wish it had been there for me.


No but it make sense, and when I finally get help (which maybe coming) I will certainly enquire. I do hope that you get treament soon because we all know what you are going though


PTSD can only be diagnosed a month after the event at the earliest so continued support after critical care is crucial for this to be identified. Another difficulty with PTSD is that it needs a very specific set of things to be full PTSD but many more people can suffer from symptoms of post traumatic stress without it actually being classified at PTSD and opening the doors to treatment.

There is at least growing recognition of this and therefore hope that identification and treatment will improve.


I am in the fortunate position that my first of two ICUs in August 2011 have followed me up and diagnosed this. I am on Sertraline, the anti-depressant that is tailored for this and my intrusive thoughts have stopped or at least I cannot recall or hold the thoughts I had about my seven week stay. I hope these pioneers roll it out for all ICU patients, I have applied to volunteer on the unit and hope to help others through this. Good luck with your continued recovery.

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I have a chronic illness which led to me becoming seriously ill suddenly and without warning - within 2 days i had a massive pulmonary heamorrage and wasnt expected to survive. I was ventilated for over 2 weeks in an ICU 200 miles away from home (i was on holiday with my husband, children and friends on new years eve december 2011) I was then transferred to a ICU closer to my home and eventually left home after 1 month. My recovey has been quite slow with another hospital admission in april when i relapsed. Fortunately, i have a very good and understanding GP who recognised that i "wasnt well" and said that sometimes when people have been so close to death that they do need additional support. I do have regular councilling sessions that i do find helpful (i'm unable to talk about anything that happened to me with my family) but i feel as though i have a long road ahead of me. So much has changed and it has affected all of my family, especially for my children.

I'm thankful for every day i'm here.


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