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Recovery after life support?

My son overdosed on cocaine and fentanyl and when found was close to death. He was in a coma and on life support for 5 days and woke up on the 6th day. Not himself. Can some one please explain some recovery situations, how the body responded, clarity, strength etc. What the doctors orders were? Did you stay in hospital or transfer after waking up? How long did it take for this person do get to a healthy mind and body ?

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Recovery really depends on a multitude of variables, including age and other medical problems. You will hear words like ICU delirium, confusion, disorientation in the days that come. It is very common for patients to be confused, especially if they have been in a coma for nearly a week. This is very normal. It can take many many months for ICU patients to recover and it really depends on why they were in the ICU in the first place. Substance abuse diagnosis's are a challenge especially when medication tolerances occur. Patients will usually transfer out of the ICU to a medical floor and may need short or long term rehab depending on their progress. Those who cannot wean from the Ventilator will have to go to an Long Term Acute Care Hospital. Take one day at a time and remember to get daily updates from the doctors. Emma (ICU RN in Minneapolis, MN)


I was told that it would take 10 days for everyday I was in Icu - to recover.

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It can effect your memory and mood also weight loss, appetite, head aches, insomnia . you cant really know how long you will feel back to normal . They will transfer you to a another ward or hospital after being taken of icu. But he should be referred to a mental heath team for help try speak with his gp.


Thank you


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