Cancer diagnosis after hysteroscopy

Hi after my hysteroscopy my results where not good been diagnosed with cancer awaiting ct scan to see if spread talking about a full hysterectomy I am only 33 have not been able to have children is there anyone else the same that could give me advice on what to expect hormone therapy operation counselling would be grateful for any advice

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  • Oh no, I'm so sorry Cjay2311 😢 You must be worried sick. I'm much older than you and was through the menopause when I had my hysterectomy, so I've not had HRT, but they did get all the cancer luckily 😊 I had a CT scan afterwards to confirm I was clear, and I go for check ups 4 times a year at the Oncology department.

    The surgery wasn't as bad as I was expecting, there's lots of stuff on,ind. HysterSisters are very good, an American site but great support and information. 😊

    Thinking of you


  • Thank you anne61 that is very helpful and will have a look and thank you just staying positive and hoping it goes well

  • Oh Cjay I'm so sorry to hear that, I was just responding to you in the post hysteroscopy thread, then saw this. From the little time I've been aware of this site, you've found a good place for honest and helpful advice. I can't imagine what you're feeling, but do share. It's good to talk, cliche I know, but it's one of the ones that are true. Take care x

  • Thank you so much and yeh bit scary just trying to stay positive and deffo good to talk

  • I'm so sorry to hear this. You might find support at Womb Cancer Support Uk. A wonderful woman set this support group up folllowing her own diagnosis.

  • Thank you

  • So sorry to hear that Cjay2311 I hope that you are being well cared for and make a speedy recovery soon. xx

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