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Abdominal hysterectomy and work leave!


Hey ladies!

I am due to have an abdominal hysterectomy am just stupidly waiting because i dont want to leave my boss hanging for so many weeks.

How long were you off work if you had this?

I am a nanny and i drive 120 miles a day to work and back.

I feel so stupid for thinking about my boss before my needs 😫

Also- would yoi have imagined after 3 and a half months to take a 10 hr flight? 😬🤭

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Hi, I had a hysterectomy 8 months ago. I had mine via laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery. I work in a primary school with young children and was off for 12 weeks followed by 4 weeks phased return. We are all different in how we heal. Please look after yourself and don’t rush back to work. It sounds like you do a lot of driving? I wasn’t able to drive for 4 weeks after op. You haven’t said if you’re having your ovaries removed too? If you are you’ll go straight into menopause which could also effect your recovery. Don’t underestimate what you’re about to go through. Rest and look after yourself, your health is important. All the best for your op xxx

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I had a total hysterectomy 7 months ago I went straight into the menopause which was terrible.

I am a teacher at a College and was off sick for 3 months and only went back part time after working full time for last 15 years. I just couldnt manage it with the tiredness I still have, be prepared for the fatigue.

And if you are going on to HRT that will take time to adjust too. It took me 2 months to find the one that agreed with me.

On a positive side I do feel much better from having the op as I had Endometriosis and a fibroid.

Good luck and remember get peppermint tea for the bloating from the op and wetwipes to take to the hospital. Organise all your favourites books etc next your bed for when get home. You wont be able over for at least a week or drive for 4 to 5 weeks xx

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my Experience was very similar to yours. The menopause knocked me about far more than the op itself. However like you I am so much better now and am glad I went through it. The ‘other side’ is well worth the journey x

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It will be andominal and supposely only uterus...

thank you so much for taking the time to answer 😀

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I had only my uterus removed and had 4 weeks off and 2 weeks on light duties when I returned. As someone else said you need to play it by ear, some heal quicker than others. I was really fit, gym 5 days a week including 2 x 5 mile runs chucked in. Just read your body..

Hi Anna

I had a TAH including ovaries 6 weeks ago as I had a large fibroid which was thought to be making an ongoing back issue and sciatica worse.

From the point of view of the operation I don't feel too bad at all. You do need to rest completely for the first couple of weeks and get people to do things for you.I have been driving for about a week with no problems and am starting to do a few household jobs. I was put straight on oestrogen gel as I had ovaries removed and can honestly say I have had very little by the way if menopause symptoms.

The worse thing about straight after the operation was the trapped wind and constipation. Take some peppermint capsules in with you, I found they helped a bit. Ask your doctor about starting to take a mild laxative before you go in to try and avoid constipation. I ended up back in hospital a week after being discharged having to have an enema (which was not much fun at all !!)

I am looking to go back to work, I work in a school office, in the next week or two. However this is more a financial decision as I have been off since October with the initial sciatica. Whilst I feel fine from the hysterectomy the back pain and sciatica have returned so I don't know how I will get on

Most people that I know who have had the same operation were off work between 8-12 weeks. Everybody is different so there is no hard fast rule about recovery. the best advice is to listen to your body, rest when you are tired and get back into the swing of things gradually.

Hope all goes well


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Oh really about the constipation! 😬 so glad you are getting back to normal 😀

I am very very scared to be honest in part also because i had 2 dvts last year one march and one august.

Also i think i will get fired once I tell my bosses what surgery am having. 😭

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply

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I was same as you really scared before operation but to be honest it was nowhere near as bad as I expected

I know it's hard especially if you love your job but you really do need to put your health first - if you get fired because you need major surgery and it is a major operation then your boss cant think that much of you - which I know sounds harsh

Best wishes - let us know how things go


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You are totally right!

Worst part is... I used to love my job 😂 I am in the midst of quitting because I have a new contract starting sept. I somehow was wishing i would go have surgery and have full benefits, i guess we cant have it all 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

Thanks for “listening” 💓

Hi Anna

I'm 3weeks into recovery from a full Historectormy. I'm 42 ( not that has a bearing on it ) Just throwing it in there. I too have a busy job normal working wk is 50- 70 hrs though I don't drive as much distance as you. I also delayed my operation a year ...at that time flying high in my job and proving my worth if you know wt I mean. I was also coping better my endometriosis be more stable at that point, so I thought wt the hell I can do this and rescheduled. I'll cut to the chase I had a work-related injury further on in that same year and had little to no support from my employment which showed me my value of worth.

When I return to work after that incident are resume duties as normal or as normal as can be and then my operation date came about , as I say I'm now 3 weeks post-op and wish that I'd had the operation when first scheduled as i realised that that ultimately we should put ourselves first. I understand that your situation may be different however I felt exactly the same, everything indicated that I would have support no matter what.

What are trying to explain is ultimately weather I had add my hysterectomy the first time round or not you need to wash yourself first and I wish I had I didn't receive support what with my injury and I haven't received support with my hysterectomy.

This hysterectomy operation is no joke either it takes a lot of Recovery and various a lot day today, I've never reached out onto a blogging forum before I had a hysterectomy either but found it very useful after I had my hysterectomy.

Best of luck with your decision and when you do have your operation hope you have a speedy recovery.

Wow 3 weeks you are still “fresh” out!.

I just turned 40 and been going kind of through the same like you in my job... had a job accident last year had 3 days off because of it, you should just read the texts I got.

I wish i could postpone surgery as much as I could but the pain myoms give me sometimes its crazy, uterus size is 16cm and i guess its just pressing everywhere 😫

Do you already know how long from work are you having off? 😬

Thank you for “listening” to me 💓

Your more than welcome, its the hospital that gives you a medical note for 6weeks . They inform you that is standard but if you have any further issues to then visit GP and extend note. Give you time to reflect and think during this time that's for sure, I'm going to make changes for myself and family.

Thats awesome!

It is always so amazing how out bodies beg for that down time- when we just dont allow it naturally!

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