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Keep the cervix? Private care?


Hi everyone,

What a lovely forum, thanks for all your posts, they are so informative.

I am on the waiting list for total abdominal hysterectomy (due to ten fibroids), and I'm awaiting confirmation on whether laparoscopic surgery is possible for me.

Due to covid, the waiting list is very long and I'm contemplating private care, though it's such a hard hit financially.

Do any of you lovely ladies have any thoughts on the following:

1. Whether it's best to keep the cervix, if it's possible to?

2. Any experience of private care

3. Tips for physical activity before and after

This is the most terrifying, compromising and upsetting prospect I have ever encountered. As a fit dancer and gardener, I'm wondering what will be possible for my work and personal life in the future. Any thoughts welcomed.

Thank you!

Hannah X X

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Hi Hannah,

I had many fibroids as well but one large one that grew to a size of a water melon , I also considered going private and had a consultation, it is around 7,000 to 10,000. What they don’t say is what happens if you stay in hospital for more than two days and what would the cost be if there were some complications like infection etc. Luckily for me my op date came through whilst I had arranged to go private but this was due to being on the phone weekly to my consultant PA and the waiting list office saying I wanted to be pushed up the list due my pain and how I was not able to work and how it was effecting me. My cervix was removed but I was able to keep my ovaries, I’m 8 weeks post op and still no energy, I’m realising that physically it’s a long road.

Build your immune system up as your energy levels after just disappear and you have to rest as much as possible.

You will see on this forum that some women recovered quicker than others unfortunately I had a number of infections so it has put me behind abit in my recovery. I get easily frustrated at wanting to do stuff so I try things to do then I suffer afterwards so listen to what you can’t do.

It’s is scary not knowing what to expect but we are here for you Hannah, keep in touch

Emma x

HGate in reply to polarbea

Thank you so so much Emma. Sounds like you are doing really well and it's very kind of you to post whilst you're still recovering. Wishing you a speedy recovery, hannah x

polarbea in reply to HGate

It’s a slow road but please take your history into account if there is any cancer concerns then this needs to be taken into account and you will be guided by ur consultant, it’s a big op and to be honest no one can prepare you for it but emotionally we are here xx

HGate in reply to polarbea

Thank you!!

Hi Hannah,

I had a total hysterectomy in Oct 2016. I had several fibroids and my stomach was the size of a 32 week pregnancy, I personally opted to have both of my ovaries removed as some friends had left one and still had problems further down the line and I previously had cysts on one or other of my ovaries. Normally with total hysterectomy they remove the cervix.

I had now choice as to whether or not to have the operation as my kidneys and other organs were squashed but do not regret it and have never felt so well. Best of luck

HGate in reply to Gremlin16

That's wonderful, thank you for posting x x

Hi Hannah, I had a Sub-total abdominal hysterectomy (i.e. kept my cervix) in Nov 2018. The consultant indicated that one of the reasons to do so was that sexual intercourse would remain better as a result. I can confirm that is so (!) but probably many women on here would confirm it is also absolutely fine without! Remember if you keep your cervix, you will keep having to have cervical smear tests and if you take HRT, you will have to take one that includes progesterone.

I had huge fibroids watermelon size and the problem with a long waiting time is that they may continue to grow and then you will have to have abdominal and not laparoscopic. But I totally get that the cost of private may just not be possible so maybe just pushing as hard as you can to move up the waiting list might be better.

I agree with Emma ( good to hear from you Emma 😊), it is a huge op and a much longer recovery than most people anticipate. I had a very tough 12 months Of recovery and thought things might never get better. But 18 months+ down the line, I am back to full fitness, cycling swimming walking, leaner and fitter than ever before and feel fab. It’s just a case of adjusting and taking the recovery at a pace that works for you.

Best of luck and keep in touch - and remember no question is too daft, someone on here will have thought it and said it already 😄 x

I'm overwhelmed by your words and support, thank you! X X

Hi Hannah. First I am so sorry for all ladies out there going through this at this time. I had TAH BSO last year due to a 9inch ovarian cyst. I feel very lucky that it happened when it did. I don't know your age but at 51 I was advised that taking the cervix was safest. I only had 3 weeks from 1st consult to surgery so there was some panic exercise. Your butt will be your best friend after surgery. If you can't bend you will have to squat. I was doing an elegant pliè to lift the loo seat. Gut health is important too. You will become obsessed with your bowel movements and they need to be easy if you feel scared to push. I was also told by a nurse that the anaesthetic affects you for roughly a month for every hour you are under, in my case 3hrs. 16 months on I still get swelly if I overdo it. I had done couch to 5k before but would never call myself fit. I think we are all so different with our start point and surgery experience that it is very much a case of gathering as much feedback as possible and trying to pick out what works for you. I wish you much luck and as speedy a resolution as possible. Keep us updated.

HGate in reply to Ikarus

Thank you so much! xxxx

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