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Nervous about 2nd hysterectomy

I will start off by telling you a little about myself. I am a 36 years old mother to, two awesome teenagers & have been happily married for going on sixteen years! I am 5ft4 & weight 106lbs. Very active.

I have been active my whole life. I started competing in gymnastics @ age four & continued in till the age of eleven! Most gymnast don't start puberty till their teens as for i started menstruating at the age on nine, one month after I turned nine to be exact!

I remember having such pain after a few months of starting my period. At that time I had lived with my dad & grandmother due to my mom passing away from ovarian cancer. My grandmother would tell me that the pain was normal to just deal with it. "My grandma was truly a caring person, just extremely old fashion"!

A few months after turning sixteen I wound up in the ER. I was doubled over in pain from a large ovarian cyst which had twisted so I had to have emergency surgery to have cyst removed. I remember the surgeon wanted to take my ovary with the cyst but my dad wouldn't allow it!

I had years of horrible pain inbeween. I would get nauseous a week before every each monthly cycle, would cramp to the point i would stay in bed with a heat pad over my stomach for a week straight. My legs would hurt so bad it was hard to walk to i finally gave on on gymnastics. My instructor wouldn't understand what I was going through each month and would push me to the point i would lay in bed each night and cry so I decided to quit gymnastics.

By the time I had my second child at the age of 22. I knew I didn't want anymore children so I decided to have a tubal ligation rite after turning 23. I did fine till the cysts started back up at the age of 27!

I went a few years having a constant pressure pain on left side of abdominal area. Docs diagnosed me with IBS! I started getting stabbing pains that for worse over time & wouldn't eventually wouldn't subside. That is when I decided it was time to go in and see the obgyn.

At the age of 30, we had figured out that I had a 9.7cm endometrial/Haemorrhagic cysts on the same left ovary. The Dr. Decided it would be best to have a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis. During laparoscopy they figured out that my ovary was no longer functioning so I woke up & Dr. Tells me they had to give me a oophorectomy!

The prcedure & recovery went perfect honestly. I felt great, no pain! They did wind up removing credit bit of endometriosis & my menstrual cycle was finally normal for a few years till I turned 34. Everything went back downhill again:-(

I will be going on 37 years of years of age end of September & will be having a complete hysterectomy on June 27th, 2017 @ 6am. For the past year I have had another cysts " estimated 7.5cm growing on my right ovary. My periods have been completely crazy for one whole year! Now I have texted positive for pre-cancer in my cervix. I started radiation to shrink the tumor for the next three weeks.

What I am most nervous about is, because of the endometriosis that is believed to come back. I now wonder perform another laparoscopic surgery so they can remove what endometriosis they can. He was told that I cannot be put on any hormones for three months after the hysterectomy. The reason why they don't want me on any hormones after work is to kill off any remaining endometriosis. Endometriosis feet after estrogen and if they where to give me estrogen right after surgery percentages are high endometriosis would continue to grow! I have work and family u have to stay same for & the Dr. Pre warned me that I will be a crazy mess for three while months till u am pun on hormones. Has anyone else ever been through a similar situation? Any advice will help! Sry, such a long post. Thank you for reading!

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Oh my you really have been through it 😢 I don't think you will find a hysterectomy such a big deal after all that.

Yes you will be sore and very tired, you will need time off work and household chores, put those teenagers to work!! 😊

Decent food and gentle walks really help, wishing you well 😊 Good luck!

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Thank you for your comment. I will post an update after hysterectomy.

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Do you have a date? The waiting really is the tough bit 😕


Yes. My pre-op is on the 12th and surgery is on June 27th 6am. Waiting is decently no fun, but it is what it is..

(Hope you have A good Memorial weekend)


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