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Has anyone had loss of libido after hysterectomy?

Hi. I am looking for some help or advice. I am 33 years old and 14 months post op after a TAH for Endo/Adenomyosis/PCOS. My problem now is the total lack of sex drive.....I mean zilch!

I am currently taking Ellestte Duet 2mg after trying solo for six months. My gynaecological consultant put me on Tibolone (Livial) in an attempt to put some testosterone in my system but Tibolone did not agree with me so back to Duet I went!

My partner is amazing and truly understanding but even I think his patience will not be finite. Has anyone else experienced this after a tah/partial hysterectomy and have you had anything to help?

I have been researching testosterone patches as a remedy but they are not licenced for female use in the UK. I've tried Maca and Damaina and nothing there. I'm really at the end of tether!

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hey have you been to a menopause clinic? They can supply Testosterone in form of the teste gel xxxx


Try Surrey park clinic dr Whitcroft she's fabulous with hormone treatment

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