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Must read book

" In the Kingdom of the Sick" by Laurie Edwards is a thoughtful appraisal of how patients, and Western society is, and is not, coping with chronic illness. She offers a history of how treatment and attitudes have grown and not grown in responce to the ballooning numbers of people with ailments whvh can be diagnosed and managed, but not cured.

I have found her to be gratifyingly relavant to the judgemental mis-communications I have had with friends, family and medical professionals. I have gleaned a few pointers from her as to how I might better bridge these gaps in the future.

For us Hughies I give it a 3thumbs up - even though as of chapter 7 where I currently am, there is so specific mention of Hughes.



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Thanks for recommending it Gina .I hope it makes an impact on attitudes. Ann


Yes thanks I will certainly take a look x


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