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After PE, and breathing problems, I have started to snore, enough to put most truckers and men to shame, anyone else suffer the same??

I have Primary APS.

Please say yes, and that it is not me. Although I have gained 2 stone in weight, the snoring started before the weight gain. It also feels as though my throat closes, all suggestions welcomed

Thank you.

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I would ask to be checked for sleep apnea. This is a potentially serious condition if left untreated especially if you drive a lot. Treated and your symptoms are miraculously relieved. If not sleep apnea it may be you need a mandibula advancement device to wear at night to stop you snoring and help keep your airways clear and your tongue from slipping back against the back of your throat. Your GP should be able to refer you to your local hospital for these checks.


Thank you, I was checked for Apnea, this showed ok, as I drive some 1000 miles a week. Although I have have been off sick since my event last February. I am returning slowly. I even snore if I lay on my stomach or side :(


I had my PE 2 years ago (when the APS was found); also Reynaud's for about 10 years. My husband says absolutely -- it was 2 years ago when I started snoring. It's not as bad when I'm on my side, dipping head/chin downward with the pillow arranged accordingly. From time to time he "shakes" the bed in the middle of the night which stops the snoring -- for awhile! Also when I lost about 10 pounds, it did seem to alleviate it some.


Hi Lesley,

I had a second stroke four years ago and since then have put weight on and have like you started snoring the Docs not sure and running test but one theroy is i put more weight on so i snore more great!!!



Thanks Paddy! I think :)

It's weird, as sometimes I snore when awake, hmm well make the noise of snoring, my throat seems to close, I grunt/snore and it opens, I guess it is due to weight....

I haven't seen an APS doc or haematologist yet, maybe they will have an answer or two for me. It was my Chest/lung doctor that diagnosed me. Seems I have been having PE's for past 20 or 30 years, which has damaged lungs....


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