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Appeal for Scottish case study

We have an appeal from a Scottish journalist - if anyone can help and is happy to do a telephone interview, please email Laura.

Here is her messages:

I'm a journalist looking for someone who has gone through the trauma of suffering miscarriages due to Hughes syndrome but then gone on to have a baby. I want to talk to them about their experience for a newspaper article which would give hope to other sufferers. I write mostly for Scottish newspapers so am really looking for a Scottish sufferer, but will consider anyone who gets in touch. I can be contacted at:

Many thanks.

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i dont mind - i do quite a good scottish accent but think the bristolian may creep in!! gert lush my baber! hope you are well kate xx


Cheers Kathy - have you emailed Laura to see if you would be a suitable candidate? Had a car crash last Friday, but we are lucky to be alive so doing alright thanks :) Hope all is well with you down in the west country? BTW, we crashed just outside Chippenham ...


I tried emailing Laura but it said it's not a valid email address. I live in the US but would still be interested in doing survey. Thanks!


Mmm - that's strange as I've been emailing her OK at that address - are you making sure there is no full stop at the end?

However, it's not a survey, but rather a case study for an interview for a Scottish newspaper and she was really looking for a Scottish mum, but thanks anyway :)


can you get hold of Hazeil and see if she knows of anyone?


This isn't really Hazel's area to be honest - not sure why she would know of a Scottish woman whose recently become a mum? Unless I'm missing something?? :)


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