Case study required for Health Matters magazine

Calling anyone who attends the private London Lupus Centre and is under the care of David D'Cruz.

We have managed to get some free space for an article in their magazine which reaches 65000 GPs in the UK, so would like to find a patient who would be willing to talk about their experiences with APS.

Please contact me on if you think you can help.

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  • Thats a great opportunity to spread the word - just wondering why it has to be under David?

  • HCA Healthcare naturally want to promote the London Lupus Centre and Graham has already featured in an article. Munther would be fine too but he's on leave, therefore David is the obvious choice. However, no-one has replied yet ... so it might have to be Munther.

  • Well you know Im always happy to spread the word! Why doesnt David just pick a patient and contact them to ask if they are willing? It would seem to be a quicker way of dealing with this. Its a shame this site has had the problems which has driven people away. Hopefully with emails coming back more people will see this. Shall I pin it so it does not disappear down the list of questions?

  • Thanks APsn - for some reason ALL doctors are extremely reluctant to ask their patients to become media volunteers - I expect it has something to do with ethics and the doctor/patient relationship which is why I've been building up the database of patients through the charity. Yes, please do pin it :)

  • Would Dr Karen Breem patients be any good?

  • Hi Lesley,

    Sorry, it has to be someone at the London Lupus Centre as the publication, Health Matters, is produced and distributed by the London Bridge Hospital. If we're not helping to promote their private hospital, they wouldn't give us the space - we're quite lucky to be offered the opportunity as it usually costs thousands to get any article placed AND we will reach over 65,000 GPs ... if I can only find someone who is treated there!

  • Kate I am under David but not privately, as you know my BMJ patient journey is going through with David's comments so I'm assuming I won't be suitable.

  • Hi TJ - it has to be at the private London Lupus Centre as the journal is published by London Bridge Hospital. Also, because your Patient Journey story is going through, I don't think it would be wise to irritate the BMJ in anyway - that's going to raise soooo much awareness in the medical profession so THANK YOU. I will probably loosely copy the format of your BMJ story for this Health Matters journal, but clearly need a patient who is under the care of that hospital, otherwise they won't give us the space.

  • Hi Kate, I sort of figured that but wanted to show I'm willing as always.

  • Thanks to everyone who offered to help - good news, a case study has come forward and we will be able to raise awareness :)

    Please don't forget that we are always looking out for patient stories (only for the UK at the moment - sorry to anyone not included yet), so if you want to help raise awareness, please email me at

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