Heredity and Scottish Decent

I have been doing some research into heredity and Hughes Syndrome. I've found a couple of studies that show a significant prevalence for people of Scottish decent- in particular people from the outer Highland islands.

Personally, I am a Black American, but my mom is nearly 100 percent Scottish. I'm wondering if anyone else here is of Scottish decent and if that truly plays a role in others who have APS/Hughes

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  • I'm half Scottish

  • Very interesting, what are the links to the studies would love to have a look. My grandmother came from Tree.

  • That's interesting, both sides of my family are of Scottish decent

  • Hmm both myself and my mum have HS and as far as I am aware we have no Scottish decendants, but I am doing my family tree so will look out for that one.

  • We think I have a Scottish grandfather. we think his family had come from Ireland. He died over 50 years ago so there isn't much more info we can gather.

  • I definitely do not have Scottish blood. Pure middle Eastern ancestry with the family tree to prove it. Also the only one in my family with symptoms and diagnosis.

    My only Scottish link was Iraq gave dad a Scottish surname as they didn't think the British could pronounce his real one!

  • Yissica......I'm also Middle Eastern from both sides...first born American...have Hughes and also Factor V Leiden(which is inherited)....don't know if any of my family has either condition...both sisters have had history of blood clots but one has passed away (never tested) and the other says she was tested and is negative..

    She had clots after surgery.

    Othet relatives ...i dont know...i read that after it was discovered in 1994 by a professor Bertini in Netherlands , reaearch was done on Factor V and theory is originally traces back to Mediterranean region 10,000 years back by a mutated gene.

    Factor V Leiden is inherited.


  • My Great Grandfather was Scottish.

  • Don't see the logic of this I'm afraid. My relatives are all British - some from Scotland, Wales and England. My husband's family have a Norwegian surname and my mother- in- law a French Huguenot surname, so they can't be of pure British descent. Intermingling of DNA in the UK goes right back to the Viking and Saxon marauders, possibly earlier, so am most intrigued to know where your researcher got her ideas from.

  • A DNA test may be helpful in getting to the bottom of our true accurate lines.

  • Hughes is kinda related to lupus and I have long heard ( source?) that lupus is more commonly found in fair skinned red heads. is this true or not? I have no idea. but this may also link to this Scots ancestry query.

    ( My ancesters are from all over Eueope plus one Amerindian.)

  • Only need to go the lupus/ Hughes clinic at St Thomas to see pretty well every hair, eye colour and skin type there is! It's like the old chestnut that gallbladder problems are from being ' fair, fat and 40'. I reckon I was a skinny 17 yr old when I had my first gallstone! Fortunately nowadays they recognise that.

    Seriously though - hopefully they will at some stage discover more about Hughes. From having been a member of this site for a while I have seen several research theories propounded but some are more reliable sources than others.

  • "google search" Neanderthal DNA passed down to humans...

  • I have Spanish blood no Scottish I'm afraid! Never heard this one and it's bad enough that there are no real genetic studies yet anyway! Best to wait until there is.

  • I agree!

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • I am almost entirely of Scottish/Welsh/ Irish descent and I'd never heard of the Scottish connection,but who knows? It's an intriguing link to know.Thank you.

  • Interesting... I'm of Scottish descent.

  • Hi, I am scotch-Irish. We are riddled with autoimmune issues. SLE, RA, Hasimoto's thyroid, and HUGHES. Goes back 2 generations for sure and forward to a niece. She had a baby born with a stroke. My daughter has confirmed Hughes. I lost 4 babies to Hughes. I was told by children's hospital in Seattle that it is genetic. We are participating in a genetic study. Hope you are doing ok! Thanks, Lisa


  • Wow I heard familiar, but not genetic! Although my sister and I both have it and it tends to run in families! I personally don't think there's enough studies to am say or not to say it's genetic! I tend to believe they will find a gene one day that connects it! Because why does it run in families if NOT genetic??? Very interesting thought! This is my opinion only , lol... I have nothing to back it up!!!

  • I am part Scottish and have APAS too. My father died at the age of 49 from a massive coronary, and his father died from the same at the age of 46. I believe they had it too. The only reason I found out that I have it was because I was going through some severe pain in both my gut and legs. While doing some testing an MRI showed that I had three full strokes but since they were atypical, I didn't know I had them. The reason I had the MRI was because of some left sided weakness, balance issues and some speech problems. No people these were not "just" TIAs. Full strokes, but I got off lucky. At McMaster hospital were I went for repeated blood work every year, I was also told that the region in Quebec where my great grandfather emigrated to has a high rate of people with this disorder.

  • Interesting....I am of Scottish descent.

  • My Paternal grandmother had APS, not diagnosed but I am certain I inherited APS and Autoimmune Disorders from her DNA...and I am "98% Eastern European Jewish"...per DNA test

  • Their are some interesting articles pertaining to Humans inheriting Neanderthal DNA (0-4% depending on individuals)...and that this DNA offered us Humans xtra immunity from certain perhaps this is related to autoimmune disorders...immune system on overdrive...My Rheumatologist and I have spoke about this

  • There is no concrete evidence yet, however it does seem to run in some families, mine is one of them. MaryF

  • I agree Mary! I'm sure my Mom had this! She had several miscarriages before my sis and I! I was a DES baby! My mom had shots and other methods with my sis and I to keep us in! Had blood clots as long as I knew her! Weird and very interesting Mary!

  • Sorry just realized this was 2 months ago!!! Lol... Just call me Dori!!!

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