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My ESA Appeal

Hi all,

just been to appeal finally after 9 months wait. Not good to be honest i didnt win my appeal and have been left with the same points i went in with. If i am honest i sent in over 100 pages of evidence including 4 medical reports done for my old employers laying out exactly what i can and cant do since my diagnosis and i dont believe that they had read any off it which i find discussing, i found they only questioned the medical report done by ATOS. i get 6 points for standing and sitting and nothing for mobility even though i can not walk no more than 50 meters but because i MAYBE able to do it in a WHEELCHAIR they awarded me no points. The thing that hurts the most that i have fought for my life and fought to stay out of a wheelchair and come so far these past few years but they dont care really they dont they just want to put us all into a box and forget what we have to go through on a daily basis.

I am disgusted and worried what the future will hold for me and my condition

My welfare officer supported me on the day and was also shocked by the decision and has told me that i can ask for a break down how the decision was made but how can i do continue to fight when the question is written Can u mobilise with walking aids/ wheelchair 50 meters, 100 meters or 200 meters??? they are not bothered if u do not use a wheelchair it is the fact that i could if i had one !!!!

Think we will all be ordering our wheelchairs soon and see how much that costs the government......... My understanding was they wanted to save money

Gud luck with all ur fights hope u get what u all rightly deserve if u are in this position xx

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REVAMP2010, That has to be so frustrating. I wish I could help, but live in US and don't know how your system works. I wish you luck in the future.


I am so sorry! I dont really know what else to say! I am just starting my appeal and really dont know if it is worth all the stress but I will continue! There has been so much in the news lately what with the paralympic games. Are you able to take it further???? I take it you are in the WRAG group???? why not, during the year you are placed in this group...appeal again saying things have got worse?? I know that is a bit naughty...and God Forbid who knows what could happen in that thing is certain ...we aint gonna get better unless a miracle cure is found!!! Cheeses me I was placed in WRAG and just think why do they thing I will be better in a year???? I feel for you as I know what its like...I have appealed for all my benefits....only IB and Industrial accident..more than once!! Just dont understand why they have to do it to us!!!! MP time????

best wishes x


Hi there, the indignation of having this treatment on top of being really ill in the first place is truly awful... and this being mirrored across the UK everywhere. I am so sorry, I hope perhaps you can fight a little - with your friends and family on board. Any chance you can get your MP involved? Sending you best wishes. Mary F x


I was just wondering if it is the first time you applied for ESA or if the appeal was a reult of another assesment?


REVAMP2010 ... I am so sorry that you lost your appeal ... I just can't imagine what that is like. I am waiting to go to welfare rights to start my appeal process for the 2nd time in my esa lifetime and I understand they only go on the report that has been done. I now, in my meeting with the welfare rights officer, have to challenge what the assessor put in the report with what I can actually do and what steps are being taken medically to help. I hope I've put that the right way as I have a migraine today and brain fog and thinking is not my best subject today. I think you need to make an appt with the welfare rights officer and discuss where you can go from here. I don't think you can appeal the decision of the appeal as it is made by a judge and judge appointed gp but I could be wrong, that is why you need to discuss your options asap as the rules change next year and it is going to be harder to appeal as the assessing points will have changed to. I wouldn't mind going into the wrag if they could come up with jobs we could actually do without putting ourselves or others in danger because of the problems we have. Good Luck and I'll be thinking of you xx Trey xx


So very saddened to hear your news..I guess my fate is soon inevitable to ! What else can we do but appeal, we know our capabilities better than anyone. If I were to have enough energy to get myself into a wheelchair, climb the outside stairs in a wheelchair ???? get on and off a bus in a wheelchair, change buses and still get to my place of work then I would have to conclude that it would take less effort to walk 50 m !!! I'm sure the same is true for you..if you cant get out of bed to walk how can you possibly be expected to make twice the effort by introducing a wheelchair into the scenario !!!!! My fate is out of my control as indeed yours is ! Be brave ! I know people who have sailed through recent medicals and I know for a fact that they have lied on oath. Your integrity to answer honestly will be rewarded somehow in the future, for now take one day at a time..sending you my heartfelt empathy x


I hope you don't mind my input...........I have traveled this road but for a completely different illness. 1st...keep applying and keep appealing. 2nd, try, disability groups local to you and if you can find one..a welfare benefits solicitor. I know there have been cuts recently concerning legal aid but if you can get one, they are worth their weight in gold. They know full well that sick people have little energy to fight and pick on those most vulnerable.........please don't let them. Your welfare officer should be able to help you. I wish you luck and strength.


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