B ack to the gym for jet

well all today was my 1 st day back to the RCC-{ GYM}-- saw Dc. Megan yesterday -she did her PEEKING at wound and said it looks fantastic !! i asked her to call surgeons office and talk to my asigned nurse. Kelley -{ I was supose to do it but it would of taken a week } she talked to Kelley and they went over all they needed to and wella-- i started walking today , i did 3 miles on the rubber surface track 3 -18 minute miles { HOORAY ]-- i can start the pool tomorrow if the bandage i came up with works at keeping the wound absolutely dry !!-- they both think it will work and if it does they will use it on other patients-- no flippers or snorkel -- just exercising for now - but this is a big step forward for me !! tomorrow will be one week since surgery- this with me is a least a week and a half early :-) :-) :-)--- so after walking tomorrow i will clean around wound and aply the clear bandage that has a cloth edge on it already - then i bought this cloth tape that is i inch in width that will even stick to wet skin -- i will make sure the skin around it is dry and seal the outer edges with this tape. high hopes it works or no pool for a week or so more. i will have to report to Kelley on thursday or friday on how well it worked ????? I see Megan again on monday the 8 th for my shots in back and shoulders { shots in shoulders is new last visit due to osteoarthritis that is in shoulders now } also the "BOSS" will be back :-)- i E mail her in Colorado every couple of days so she is up on my progress- but i won't hear back from her till early in the A.M. - she is also training 2 of the gals that work the front desk there -- she has me watching them to make sure they are doing there work outs ??? they are already trying to bribe me .. NO go i told them U gals will be doing your work outs- unless the bribes get to where i can't resist????? HA HA They are funny - they keep a close eye on me for the BOSS -- today i forgot to leave my emergency alert usb necklase with them at the front desk {this is so if anything happens to me they have it } DC's orders. Judy came right out into the gym area and asked why the H--- it wasn't at the desk. OOOPS --of course every body there heard it !!!!!!! and were all looking as if ???????. BUT she is one of the ones that i am watching for the BOSS- A HA---- now the tune changes :-)... legs feel good stitches pulling a little but that is normal i guess[ as if i am normal } but we will see what they feel like tomorrow, when i will try for 4 or maybe 5 miles if my body will allow.. O well thats the news--- me the mad walker !!!!!!!!!!!! again thanks for alll your support- and i love the comments -i show al the gals there them -they just love it also - its to a point where they are waiting for them when i arrive there . and now being gone a week they are hungery to read them -i'll copy what i have now ,and also what i get new tomorrow . keep them coming - we all love it ---------------------------- stitches :-)

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  • Hi stitches, flipper (ish), vacuum operative,

    So glad to hear you're doing ok n able to start exercising again! Hopefully will feel less painful now! :-)

    You're an inspiration Jet, still joking around n laughing, as you say laughter the best medicine. :-)

    I hope the Boss goes easy on you for a week or two, although I know you'lle not take it easy yourself, try?!?!?

    Glad you doing better,

    Love n gentle hugs Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Jet...so glad youre doing so well! You have such a great sense of humor as well! I hope your bandage works, and you will be able to get along "swimmingly"....teresa

  • Congrats! Sounds like you'll be doing 4 minute miles by summer! And with the swimming . . . Signed up for any triathlons?


  • Good morning world - i guess with all my names , the one that some may have questions about would be "VACUUM OPERATIVE " well last Christmas i bought my roomate MARY a new small compact VAC. the old one had broken wheels,weight a ton and Marys frail body it was hard on her , AND I ALSO VAC.TO SHEENA-- as we were talking to our BELOVED SHEENA , Mary had made mention of her Christmas present WELL !!! Mary was informed that if Sheena had gotten a Vac . for a present she would of thrown it at him - well she has created a monster !!!! good thing i didn't make mention of the WHEEL BARREL of a few Christmases back !!!!!!.. thought you should know this as to appreciate her humor-- doesn't hurt to laugh anymore ,sneezing and coughing well getting better.sugar was out of sight this morning { wonder if the 7.4 oz dark chocolate bar , clemintines {3} and nuts that i eat late last night has anything to do with it} .. i have to keep records of which the GASTAPO { MARY } is in charge -- well !! they go to my diabeties specialist SHAWNA { THE WARDEN } buy the time i leave her office i will only have part of my rump left !!!!!! i am not currently on any meds for this , BUT more readings like that and guess what. i know i will have to watch this with the A.P.S.--- it problablywon't be long, she has mentioned it at my last couple of meetings :-( . and has forwarded this info to my PCP :-(-- BUT really i am lucky to have evaided it this long as DAD was a full blown shots 3 times a day guy.----------------------stitches- V.O. - non flipper --me

  • Sorry - forgot to mention the names of the two Gals at front desk Michele {MISS HAPPY and Judy- {AUNTIE JUDY} of which she isn't to fond of may have to change.are the ones that are in training. Miss Happy is the one i met 1 st he day i went up for a tour -liked her right from the get go, great sense of humor as well as auntie Judy- went to one of their work out sestions - {i want to work out with them ????? THe Boss gave me {THE LOOK } theres no way - was her reply. S---!!!! i can't tell you some of their names for the equipment they use [TO FUNNY } i can't use the equipment they use ,they are far more advanced than my capabilities. Today the 1 st day i can get there early enough to spend some time with them. they are the type of people that can make the day all so interesting- i don't have a name from them yet but after being put in the situation of keeping an eye on them for THE BOSS i will most likely have one by the end of the week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----------------------------------me de-flippered

  • Gina - i don't know of a 4 min. mile????????????????????????? 18 laps around the track is a mile- in order for me to do it in 4 min.s-- i would have to take the Harley in and i don't think i would get it by the Bopsy twins.{ Miss Happy and auntie Judy} it was a brisk pace to achieve that time or i would be starting to jog and believe me i would be in dis favor with all .lookimng to increase miles though today- before pool . god i hope this works-------------- have high hopes --------------------------------------me

  • What surgery did you have Jet? I ask because hip replacement is in my future. My docs first want to try steroid shots, but given the dysfunction I have, ( shades of Gunsmoke's Chester) I didn't think the shots will help much. So, if yours was a hip replacement then I'm reading a preview of coming attractions. can't wait!


  • They wouldn't do a total hip replacement on me because of my risk factor -so they went the route of a core decompression--i did very well with that- but that was my 1 st surgery ever since aps- in 2009-- now they arn't so un-easy about doing a total hip when needed.2 surgeries this month were oral and inguinial hernia. as far as the hip goes, i'm not sure how long it will hold out. then i now have an imbilical hernia- as far as that goes who knows. ---------------------------------- me

  • today in gym i did 4 miles 20 minute miles - no swimming , i tried a piece of that new water proof tape - just a small piece at that- on one corner of my nite time bandage-- getting it off was tough !!!!! i could only imagine trying to get it off the entire bandage so i chickened out and walked more instead- i was afraid i would re-open wound, just trying to get it off. so maybe more healing time may be the answer ????? who knows- maybe a little latrer on in week. -------------------- chicken little

  • OK. I'm off to Duke in 25 days for my steroid shot. I'm hoping it will work, but it may not. I have no idea what variety of hip surgery is contemplated but I guess I'll find out. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me if -- no, make that WHEN I have the surgery. In the meantime I'm riding my bike every day and trying to strengthen thos muscles!

    And you're no Chicken Little. I only hope I have a shadow of your attitude when my turn comes round.

  • Hi Gina....I saw this post as I was researching peoples thoughts and experiences on hip surgery.

    I have a torn and partially detached labrum in my right hip. They too wanted to give me cortisone injections but I told them NO! For one, I have already had more than 4 in that hip joint 20 years ago when I was in high school...ended up having surgery to fix the problem.

    Keep in mind....cortisone does not fix the hip problem, it only gives you temporary relief from pain/swelling. Too many of them will cause a breakdown up muscle/tendons, etc. I know this from experience.

    My advice....ask your Dr how they can FIX you, not just mask the pain. :) Hope you are doing well!!!

  • Actually for me the shots reduced the inflammation to the point where I could exercise enough to strengthen the muscles and by so doing stabelize the joint. I can only have the shot no more then every 3months. I am scheduled for my next at the end of August, but I'm not sure I'll actually need it then. I may cancel.

    And I do intend to ask about labral tear repair surgery. The only surgical option I have been presented with is total replacement. I'm too young for that, I have multiple drug allergies --including to heprin and lovanox-- and the few times I have had major procedures so far my body always reacts in some dangerous, strange way.

    But after my first steroid shot, I must say my body reacted well. The first 2nights after the shot I woke unexpectedly in the night because as I rolled over in my sleep my body expected pain and felt none. So this lack of expected pain woke me up.

  • You also need to consider your Adrenals if you did go down the road of 3 monthly shots. I was having them for trigger points, hips and had one in my facet joints 10 days before my stroke. (In fact there is growing evidence that facet joint injections or epidurals can cause strokes and I have been very suspicious that is what caused mine given my then unknown risk factor.)

    My Endo seems to think the reason I reacted so badly after I came off steroids earlier this year was the steroids - adrenals reacted badly. Im now advised to avoid steroids if at all possible.

    If you are doing well now I would perhaps think about cancelling your appointment as you suggested.

  • Well, it remains to be seen . . . As of my scheduled appt it will have been 4 months since my steroid shot. I do not think that having 1 steroid shot 3-4 times a year is a great risk. But I do like the idea of doing a labral repair if that is an option. When Janedog gave me that squirrel jerk 10 years ago which started this hip pain the labral tear surgery was brand new and not an option for patients there in West Virginia. I may have fallen into a Treatment crack due to bad timing.

    We'll see.

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