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Had a funny Saturday walking lol

Today trying to take my daughter somewhere in the village and would my left leg work properly no, did not have the power or know how to work it today, my right side of my head was hurting loads as I was walking. Time to have a proper chat with my body I think and remind it that walking is on in front of the other ;-) not one then the other think abour it lol good job I had my stick with me.

I also had to remember how to talk lol.

Tiring day :-/

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Hi, hope you had fun.. and saw some nice things along the way... children get you moving - I find that. Happy Easter to you. Mary F x


Mary Happy Easter to you too.

Yes it was fun on the way, my youngest kept walking off at break neck speed forgetting I can not walk fast.

It was funny though it look like my left leg was a spare part being dragged along. Was thinking for my birthday getting a mobility scooter for left leg days l. I have bern silly enough to go to town without my stick once good job I was with someone so I could hang on to them. Wont do that again in a hurry hehe.


Itt is so upsetting when legs will not acknowledge the body's proper chain of command! I have found that targed exercises (taught to me by a physical therapist) can (temporarily) restore the proper ordering of things. In my case I have a left gluteus maximus deficit. It helps if I do a "plank" position exercise. For some reason the exercise seems to "remind" my left gltue that yes, it is still a leg muscle, and no, unfair as it may be, it can not become a stationary muscle like the ear.

The 4xercise does not always work, but it always helps.

Good luck. And Happy Easter.


Happy Easter Karen! Just recently I have had a similar problem. My left leg just forgot what it was doing in mid-stride. It was like I froze my whole body just because of that leg. Fortunately, I had my dear friend with me who wolloped me on my back and I just picked up in mid-motion, as though the whole thing didn't happen. THAT opened a whole useless conversation on dementia, alzheimers, etc. I had to take her to lunch to get something else in her mouth to..excuse the rudeness, shut her up! Little flukes like that happen all the time to me and I mostly put it off to medication side effects if it's a twitch of once or twice. I really don't concern myself unless it happens regularly. Well, this little fluke happened again. This time I was alone. I was just walking to the kitchen and my left leg refused to do as I mentally commanded. It took what seemed a long time for me to remember that Rae had just pushed me on the back, but I couldn't do that. What ultimately happened, this time, was the cat rounded my legs looking for attention or wondering what was wrong, and that little action of touch was enough for my leg to continue. Walked me right into a wall! It went as though the command was just delayed, and it picked up exactly where it left off. It is my left side, particularly my leg, that was weakened by my stroke. This presents a good ponder for me. But unless it becomes more than just another inconvenience, I'm not going to worry. I always take my cane. I have fallen too many times and stairs are lethal for me. But worst is standing in line. In addition to the weak left leg, I have discs at L5-S1 (the small of one's back) and around the neck as well. The upper disc has actually worn into the disc below it and it presents a good deal of pain if I stand too long or place too much on my adgenda for a day.

Right now, I get to run off (so to speak) to the family Easter Egg hunt with 4, little, 4-yr old, girlie-fluffly-shiney- poofy little cousins. This is the perfect age for the Easter Bunny. 4 year olds will believe anything! Sidewalk chalk and bubbles all the way around!

Warm wishes for a safe and happy Easter to all,



Happy Easter everyone and happy spring!! Spring is finally here in NewYork after a long snowy winter!


After a stroke my left leg is weaker. Its like something is stuck in my brain to make my leg work. Though when my leg goes numb I get a pain in the right side of my brain, it is really bad pain that goes when I take my painkillers but my leg numbness stays a little longer each time I just have to get on with it as I work on my feet on a shop floor.

I have had a TIA on the shop floor before that was scary as I was not close to anywhere to sit down, also no-one was close to help. :-( have a code now on the department and our camera staff keep tabs. I also am allowed to carry a phone on the shop floor.


Hi hon,

Do know how you feel, since my stroke my left leg has no idea what it's doing, was bad enough before, mrs wobbly bob!! Speech more difficult too, yesterday for instance I asked my fella " get the dogs to let the kids out please?" really!!! It's all good if you can laugh and keep going!!! :-)

Hope you feeling ok today, go for the scooter by the way, I have 'Sheenas Wheels'! Wouldn't be without them!! :-)

Love n gentle hugs Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Sheena

With my job its a stand up and walk job, a scooter would not help, but if this legs starts to go then I may get one. At the age of 40 I feel old before my time, tjough my mind is still alot younger.

I will question my doctor to get other checks done, hate been tired though im in bed before my youngest now adays.

Im going back school to do my GCSE's just to learn basic stuff.


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