Will I bleed too much if I take Fragmin when menstruating?

I'm going on a 4.5 hour flight to Cyprus, I normally only take 75mg daily of aspirin. My GP said its up to me if I take Fragmin or not and I thought better to be on the safe side. GP said aspirin and flight socks, water and walking around for just 4.5 should be ok but I worry. My concern is that when we fly I'm due to start my period. If I've injected Fragmin surely Ill bleed loads!!!!! Can I bleed so much it won't stop? I should be looking forward to this trip but I'm just worried sick now.......Help Wickers

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  • It is very unfair of your GP to say it is up to you, he should be pro active in your care.

    Have you been confirmed as having APS by a rheumatologist, and did they prescribe fragmin for you?

    I believe you may not need an aspirin as well as fragmin for the flight either but your GP should advise you.

    With regards to your question, I noticed a change though not too drastic on warfarin but as I was 44 I'm sure age was playing a part too. I have not ever felt that periods went out of control when I have used fragmin too.

    I do hope that helps.

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