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Weight Issues

Hi All, I have APS, I am overweight and have been since I was a child. I have tried every diet and calorie control I can get my hands on. I eat healthily and I exercise but can seem to shift the weight at all. Does anyone else have this problem and is it related to APS? Ive seen doctors and they have checked my thyroid, said no probs there so I really dont understand why I cant lose the weight


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Hello Katrina, I have had exactly the same problem. After all these years of trying to sort myself out, being told I must have a bag of donuts in a drawer by a dietician after following his diet strictly for a year and gaining weight, having various thyroid tests and investigations done which found nothing I have found the answer (for me).

I have insulin resistance syndrome, this was diagnosed by a wonderful endocrinologist (that Professor Hughes recommended to me). I had to see him privately of course as my GP thinks I just eat too much and as all my tests were negative 'couldn't justify a referral under the NHS'. Hey ho. The negative is that the endo said he wished he had got his hands on me ten years ago as it would have saved a lot of weight-induced health problems (sleep apnoea, problem with knee joints that are now damaged and won't mend, breathlessness).

One of the first things he said was that it had nothing to do with what I put in my mouth - I could have kissed him! Some people get this condition from years of eating processed food, sugar, white bread, ie poor diet, something I have never suffered from. However, it can also run in the family and I have three relatives on my Mum's side who have diabetes and this condition can cause diabetes.

I am now on a new diet and some tablets to prevent diabetes, although he says I won't need to be on those permanently once we get it under control. I started the new regimen on 4 January and I have lost two stone in weight and it has been easy - for me it is a miracle, I am sure you can relate to that!

So, don't give up, don't get depressed and don't think you are nuts! There will be a solution for you it is just waiting to be found, it might not be the same as my solution of course. Dx


Great advice and a new slant for others to look into. Mary F


Thanx D, you have made me feel a lot better. Much appreciated



I am trying the 5/2 (fast) diet and it is really working. Research into it has shown it to stabalise the pancreas and other organs in the body.

I have a book by Dr Michael Moseley you can get it from Amazon.

It is thought to lower blood pressure. Help the liver etc.

I will let you know how it goes. x


My husband and I have been following this for about 3 months. My hubby has lost a stone and I lost 9lbs. I have stopped for the minute as Ive not been well but intend to pick it up again soon. Hubby is on a bit of a plateau at the moment so have to encourage him to keep going.

Its a really easy "diet" to do. Also hubbies blood tests were really good with Cholesterol, glucose and the others all showing vast improvements on before.

If you have an iPad or Kindle you can download the book Sue speaks of and it has a weeks worth of diet plans for both men and women. 600 cals for men and 500 for women. There are also loads of menus you can get for 500/600 meals as this eating plan is getting really popular and people see the success its having.


Hi Katrinahug03,

If you are on warfarin I think you should speak to your doctor before starting, I do not think I could starve two days because my INR would not like it at all. In Sweden yesterday we had a program about this diet. I do not have any weight problem but I think it is ok if you are healthy.



Hi, I have also always struggled with my weight and after christmas and a very painful joint year last year I decided enough is enough. I have stuck to a strict 1300 calorie a day diet and logged everything i ate, told the anticoag clinic i was doing this so they can keep an eye on my inr. I have now lost 2 stone and still losing. I have tried other diets before and nothing works. but the Calorie one and very strong will power has got me this far this time. I have not done a lot of exercise as I struggle with the painful joints so weight loss is purely to the calorie watching. I have noticed a great improvement in the pain in my feet and it feels great!



well done to you all ;) i must admit i found losing wt at different stages in my life often in possible and soul destroying as keeping to a diet and not losing wt meant i then ate to comfort or as a response to feeling so despondent! now i have learned to wait and see what happens by not going off the rails - slimming world is the diet and class i attend. My wt loss has been slow but steady with 2st 4pnds off but has taken me a year. when i felt pmt or peri menopausal with swollen tummy and felt as though my internal metabolic rate had been turned off with sticking to sensible eating and exercise the weight did then come off the next week - my cycle would repeat itself so approx every 3-4 weeks would gain a bit but then lose it and more! i did then have an amazing time for several months no period issues and lost every week - that felt great!! but the old female hormones did come back to haunt but its been hard at times and tempting to eat naughty foods but i am determined not to gain all that excess w! if it takes another year to shift a stone or more so be it my idea target is 3 and half in total so my bmi is about 25. kathy xxx


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