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Gynae issues and APS

Could APS cause gynae problems such as heavy bleeding, passing clots, pain in pelvis and rectum and subsequent inflammation in bowel, lumbar region, and even left arm???

I was diagnosed with adenomyoais and small fibroids and told that it didn't, however, explain all my symptoms. On the ither hand, I saw a specialist in endometriosis who said it could explain most them and offered hysterectomy.

Yet in the last few months my symptoms have lessened and so I'm beginning to wonder if adenomyosis is not the cause and whther APS coukd be contributing.

I continuously mention this idea in consulations with gynae/internist/endocrinologist/ GP ...but get the usually 'I doubt it' type of answer.

Ive never had a thrombotic event - aps was discovered after miscarriages. I was told aspirin not an option with fibroids but that it wasnt needed anyway.

can anyone help put some of the pieces of the puzzle together for me?

I have to explore this before agreeing to surgery!

Many thanks

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The first thing you need is one of the specialists off our charity list if you are in the UK: hughes-syndrome.org/self-he... It is crucial that other specialists and or GP are guided by the correct up to date medical input. MaryF


I fully agree with my colleague, Mary's, advice. Dave


I had a lot of menstrual bleeding problems. And mild anemia. And I had fibroids. And a lot of menstrual pain, ( as in feinting regularly. ) and yes, I have APS. But most of " those" problems' disappearance followed my discovery that I have gluten intolerance and eliminated it from my diet.

Gluten intolerance has a very strong correlation with APS, but exactly how they connect and which symptom is caused by what, are questions that are not resolved.

But for me my fibrocystic breasts and the fibroids in my uterus is disappeared within a year of starting a gluten-free diet. Also my anemia went away and I found that at age 50 I actually had more energy than I had at age 20. Weird.


Hi, I've had a load of problems similar to yourself. I've just had an ablation done. It has been fab. Felt better almost immediately as only a day case. NHS not keen to do hysterectomies any more as Ablation is so effective. Good option if you have finished family . Good luck


Thanks for your replies. I'm definitely going to find an aps specialist (Dr Cervera in Barcelona is supposed to be good). Lozza, they won't do ablation here as only treatment for adenomyosis is hysterectomy!

I m 49 so menopause might helpand I ddon't fancy major surgery if there are other factors to be dealt with as well!


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