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Aps and gynea problems

Hi again

Just wondering if anyone can help here with some general advice was diagnosed with definite aps on the weekend (at last) have read the Hughes website and have a lot of the other conditions listed but think this might be one for the girls (sorry guys) but over the last 2 year everytime I've had smear tests carried out I've had abnormal smears with the highest changes being CIN2 have had to have 2 loop biopsies done just had a routine call back smear last week and again it has came back abnormal (to say I'm fed up and drained is an understatement) I know its not listed but just wondering could having aps have an influence on this?

Thanks in advance

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Not known to be related.


I have had similar, two lots of lazer treatment,have no idea though if its APS related

What I can say is, until I reached forty, I would have considered myself fit and healthy in most respects but had been plagued all my life with gynea problems ( 4 abnormal smears, two lots lazer, one ectopic pregnancy, three prem births placental abruption during second trimester with second child, constant bleeding with third child, and endometriosis.

At age 40 (ten years ago) I became unwell (wont go into that now, too much typing sends my arm into spasm) and have never been right since


Hi I think this is a separate set of problems, but one as women we have to keep an eye on, regardless of what autoimmune diesease(s) we have have! MaryF


I had abnormal cells lazered at 18,and lots of pain at ovulation times, dont know if its related but there is so much unknown about auto immune conditions yet x


Yip me to, abnormal smears, laser treatment, and got yearly smears for 5 years. All as should be now. I am lucky in the fact I've had one completely normal pregnancy, it was after my pregnancy (2 yrs later) that I became unwell. I've always joked I needed "planning permission" if I wanted to extend my family, but lucky for me it's never been a need I've had. I don't know of any link, but with APS, as with all other ailments, it's a cae of really looking after yourself. Sx


Its seeming like a few of us have Had the same troubles be interesting to see where research takes us in 10 yr


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