The bar with the best service

The bar with the best service

A quick note to say you can now find the (growing) list of HealthUnlocked’s condition-focussed communities by clicking on the new bar at the top of your screen.

It became clear to us, especially in our recent member survey, that many of our members didn’t know that HealthUnlocked provides free online communities to more than one charity. We hope that these other communities could also be helpful for you – or maybe somewhere you can recommend to a friend or family member to find support and information they need.

Also on the top bar, by clicking on your username, you’ll go straight to your profile settings where you can manage how you receive emails and add more information about yourself. Maybe it’s the perfect time for those of you who haven’t yet uploaded a picture and information about yourself? We know other members like to see all the different personalities taking part in their community.

We hope you like the new look. And of course we’re always pleased to hear new feedback.

6 Replies

  • Thank you KatieB,

    wonderful work

    kind regards

  • *blush* (and of course that's on behalf of the technical and design geniuses here that came up with the idea).

  • Thanks Katie this is some really good information and i know we all greatful for the work you and guys do behind the scenes.


  • Thank you, Paddy, that's really kind of you to say that. Let's see what developments (large and small) come in 2012!

  • Happy Christmas! Mary F

  • And best wishes for all things jingley, tinsely and mulled wineish to you as well.

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