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APLSUK site is merging with the Hughes Syndrome Community on HealthUnlocked

Dear Members

Back in 2001, it was decided to develop an online support group for Hughes / Antiphospholipid Syndrome patients that would be friendly, offer support, understanding and information. This group was called APLSUK (Yahoo Group).

Over the next few months the APLSUK site is merging with this Hughes Syndrome Community on HealthUnlocked, both groups feel this is a fantatstic oppertunity to share and support each other in this better designed and more easy to use site. This is great for everybody.

All the information and data where possible from the APLSUK site will be incorporated easily into this HealthUnlocked community or the Hughes Syndrome Foundation website. Though, like any house move, this is the chance for a clear out and to focus on the information we really need.

The team from the APLSUK and the Hughes Syndrome Community sites hope you’ll join and support us in making this merger quick and easy and then help keep the space special for us all.


Patrick & Lynette

APLSUK Founders

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An absolutely great idea. Mary F


Love the new site, great move!


Welcome to everyone who is merging - hope the move goes OK! Thanks for all your hard work with this Paddy.



Grow Baby Grow!!!!! Power in numbers!


Thank you all for your supportive comments i know joining these two groups will make a real diffrence.



LOL Lene! Brilliant sentiment :) Power in numbers indeed will give us a stronger voice - we're really growing now!


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