What is the difference between Fragmin & Innohep?

During my first pregnancy and part of my second I was on Innohep prescribed by an Internest Doctor (my old OB had always called it Fragmin so I thought it was just a brand name) I was taken off of it by a Hematologist who said I need not be treated. I miscarried a week later.

I am 10 weeks pregnant again and my new OB really took the time to read my rather thick file. He asked what dose I was on. I explained how I was taken off of it. He was absolutely shocked that I was taken off of it & couldn't believe I wasn't on thinners after my miscarriage or during this pregnancy.

He prescribed me with Fragmin & said I should be on thinners for life.

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Fragmin & Innohep? Pros or cons of either?

Thank you

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  • Hi sassy one

    I found this article a while back that reviews the common LMWH .

    Maybe it will be of some use to you



  • Hi Sassy - both are are LMW heparin's and do the same thing, they are just different brands. It's a bit like buying Heinz or Cross and Blackwell Baked Beans!!

    I think your new OB is correct so you are on the right course of treatment. Keep us updated with how things are going. Xx

  • Thank you! The article was very helpful. They do the same job & have subtle differences. I didn't take the Fragmin yet though because the pharmacy gave me a multi dose vial. The instructions say "Pregnant women should not use dalteparin from multidose vials containing benzyl alcohol as a preservative." So I will sort things out Monday. I much prefer the ready to use safe needles anyway.

    Thanks again,


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