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What is the difference between Fragmin & Innohep?

During my first pregnancy and part of my second I was on Innohep prescribed by an Internest Doctor (my old OB had always called it Fragmin so I thought it was just a brand name) I was taken off of it by a Hematologist who said I need not be treated. I miscarried a week later.

I am 10 weeks pregnant again and my new OB really took the time to read my rather thick file. He asked what dose I was on. I explained how I was taken off of it. He was absolutely shocked that I was taken off of it & couldn't believe I wasn't on thinners after my miscarriage or during this pregnancy.

He prescribed me with Fragmin & said I should be on thinners for life.

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Fragmin & Innohep? Pros or cons of either?

Thank you

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Hi sassy one

I found this article a while back that reviews the common LMWH .

Maybe it will be of some use to you



Hi Sassy - both are are LMW heparin's and do the same thing, they are just different brands. It's a bit like buying Heinz or Cross and Blackwell Baked Beans!!

I think your new OB is correct so you are on the right course of treatment. Keep us updated with how things are going. Xx


Thank you! The article was very helpful. They do the same job & have subtle differences. I didn't take the Fragmin yet though because the pharmacy gave me a multi dose vial. The instructions say "Pregnant women should not use dalteparin from multidose vials containing benzyl alcohol as a preservative." So I will sort things out Monday. I much prefer the ready to use safe needles anyway.

Thanks again,



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