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Is anyone on Fragmin and need financial assistance with buying it?

Hi all...I just have to pass this on...I am waiting to hear back to see if I qualify for this assistance. Crossing EVERYTHING I have!!!

This is from the Manufacturer of Fragmin website. Eisai is offering Fragmin at $0 cost...yes...that is correct. It is income based. Please check out the website and see if you qualify. The medication is from the US and is shipped directly to you. Your physician must send the prescription and such.

They have over 150 medications they offer at discounted rates as well.

FRAGMIN® Patient Assistance Program

In April 2012, the FRAGMIN® Patient Assistance Program transitioned to Rx Outreach. Rx Outreach is a patient assistance program that serves uninsured and underinsured patients of all ages who need access to low-cost medications. By partnering with Rx Outreach, we can offer patients a low cost medication program that will enable patients to continue to receive Fragmin at a no cost in 2012.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact an Rx Outreach Customer Service Representative at 877-318-9557 You can also visit their website at:

I had tried to get assistance with Lovenox but could not. I hope this helps someone out here in Hughes Land!!!!


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I assume this is just for the U.S. but I honestly cannot find anything concerning that on the website or stating it is limited to the U.S.


says on website for US and territories only....

I noticed looking at the other meds listed that many have a charge, but a lot of the time going to the manufacturer direct has no fee associated with it. Fragmin manufacturer partnered with them to offer if for free as they have in past so just as good.....


Hi PCake

Yes, it must be US only as here in the UK we have the National Health Service. We pay for items on prescription - you can buy a pre-payment form which costs about £10 a month and you can have unlimited items on that.

Anyone on disabilities does not have to pay.

That's why we fight to keep our NHS! :)


That is awesome. I know it is can be a battle here to be found "disabled" and eligible for healthcare assistance. Is it difficult there as well???


Hi All

I am doing a one month trial of coming off Warfarin and using Fragmin 15,000IU per day and I have an NHS prepayment card, so Fragmin is a prescription item covere by that.



Hi Dave,

How is your trial of Fragmin going? Are you still having "funny turns" or has the Fragmin helped at all?

Take care Dave,



NHS...that sounds really great. Of course in the US if we dont fit into a certain category then you cannot get assistance. That is what I have been dealing with. I am not considered "disabled" ( i have an application pending which can take a year or longer) so I cannot get medication through any disability program.

I do not qualilfy for medicaid (welfare medical assistance) because I dont have children 18 or under. I do understand that as parents we need to be healtlhy and have access to healthcare so we can take good care of our children...but I find it disturbing that once a persons children turn 18 then a parent is dropped from healthcare assistance and deemed ineligible until they are disabled or age 65.

Yet I am not working now and have no current income flow. Lost my insurance when I lost my job a year and a half ago too. I could get private health insurance through the Obama Healthcare laws that cover pre-existing conditions but the costs are too high.

I am one of those people who fall between the cracks of the system.

Lovenox injections are $650. for 5 days or $47,000.00 for a year! That is absolutely INSANE.

Fragmin is $709. for 10 days and is $25,524.00 for a year!

Great you have NHS in the UK...maybe the US needs to take a look at your system!!!!!!!!


Like Dave I am on Clexane (another brand name). I have to pay for my prescriptions which makes me furious as I have had asthma all my life as well and can't go without my meds.

My husband gets ALL his free because he is type 2 diabetic which could be controlled by diet if he stuck to it!

I am just looking into DLA but the info I have just got from the pre-paid script website says you can't claim free prescriptions if you get it because it is not income based.

I am now claiming ESA but because mine is contribution based I still can't claim free scripts. Makes me furious as before my husband took voluntary redundancy he was payin £1500 a month in contributions and this we apperently aren't entitled to Diddly Squat!

This said Beverly I am still better off than you as at least I do get most of it paid for.

I can't understant how they justify $25,524 a year for Fragmin as when I first went on it I had a private prescription which would have cost around £200 per month £2,400 per year. Fortunately my GP agreed to prescribe it which she was not obliged to do because NHS does not have to pay for patients who choose to have private treatment.

I really hope you can get something sorted out.

take care Sue


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