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APS Borderline,Hyperplasia womb , trying to conceive :-( HELP !!

Has anyone been in my position before ? I'm searching for answers to my problem .

I have two girls aged 18&12 from my pervious marriage . Remarried and we are trying for another baby , My Husband has no children .

Been trying for 3 years now but I suspect that I have had a few unconfirmed miscarriages think I've been burying my head in the sand for too long .

After my first Daughter I had 3 miscarriages and was tested for APS which shown borderline, 5th pregnancy was monitored closely with scans every week . Injected heparin 1st 6 weeks then was put on baby aspirin until 37 weeks ... Result my Beautiful 12 yr old .

my problem is now is that I was diagnosed with Hyperplasia of the womb in 2002 and was put on norethisterone and had the mirena coil inserted . Symptoms were more manageable with the debilitating heavy periods .

had this removed 3 years ago when I remarried . It's been down hill from there . Heavy long periods every month . Some months worse than others . The months I've suspected I've been pregnant and started to take aspirin and then come on my period it's like chain saw massacre :-(

Had to give up work , stress , depression , mood swings , lack of concentration .... Just found out last week my iron levels are very very low (not surprising though since I've been on my period 29 days )

We have been referred to St Mary's fertility dept Manchester . Had our first consultation with nurse March last year and our first appointment with the consultant is 18th April .... 13

Months to wait to see the doctor !!!!!

I'm 38 soon so I feel my time is running out . Initial tests have shown my husbands sperm count is normal and other than the hyperplasia in my womb I am also fine .

With My ex husband conceiving was never a problem it was carrying that was my issue . I know I'm older now .

Don't know what to expect next month . I'm getting nervous and feeling really stressed and can't think straight at all :-(

A friend of mine suggested asking for a D&c but my GP seemed to think that they don't like doing this anymore ??

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Hi JoJo - First of all just want to say a big welcome and Im glad you found your way to us. Im afraid I cant answer your questions but Im sure someone will be along soon who will offer some help. In the meantime I just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and to say to try and relax because although that is hard to do (I can feel your impending panic), it will hopefully help you with your bid to a successful pregnancy.

It does sound as though you have landed in the right place now and will get good care.

Perhaps have a good look round on here for info and go to the Hughes Syndrome website too. xx


Thank you so much for your kind reply xx I've spent since 6:30am this morning reading through blogs and questions and I can't believe I've missed this site all these years . Google was a baby 17 years ago when I started this journey on hell road ha ha

Hope I can find an answer or solution soon .


I have no answers for you but hope you find some answers.

I always had very heavy painful periods but not lasting quite that long. I also had two children when I was younger and then found it hard to stay pregnant when I was older, finally diagnosed and had my last little one with aspirin and heparin. Then the heavy and painful periods got worse, more frequent and longer and I had a Mirena inserted and they stopped. That was 5 years ago and due to have this one removed but I suspect am past that point now at 53. Now on warfarin I'm dreading having it out.

I have everything crossed for you that you find some answers and some solutions.


Hi and welcome. I used to have awful periods along the same vein as yourself. I too took norethisterone and was constantly on a six monthly cycle of appointments at the local hospital with my consultant. In the end, i had the microwaving which worked for about three months but not in the long term and as my family was complete by then, I opted for the hysterectomy. For me, the coil was no good and I was always so tired with very low iron levels but I wish you every success with your appointment and that you find ba workable solution.


Thank you for your replies !!! It's nice to talk to people who have been through or going through this . I want to be armed with info when I go for my appointment next month . What's microwaving ? Is that where they do a complete clean out of the womb ? Forgot to take my norethisterone yesterday and I'm suffering today :-( and these iron tablets are driving me nuts but I can handle the tummy pains feel like I've constantly had a Sunday dinner but if they stop the fatigue and low feeling then it's the lesser of two evils . Have either of you got RH - blood ?


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