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Pregnancy number 6

In the last 3.5 years, this will be my 6th pregnancy with 5 ending in miscarriage up to and before 12 weeks gestation. I'm excited, terrified, nervous and in part, feel a little irresponsible for getting pregnant so soon after diagnosis and without seeing any consultants ( I'm due to see the haematologist on the 27th march). That aside I am mostly really happy.

I'm currently taking 75mg of aspirin and intend to notify my doctor of the pregnancy on Monday. I would appreciate a heads up on what to expect from here, who I may need to see and any questions I should be asking.

Many thanks


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Hi hon

Really pleased to hear your news! :-) I'm glad you're on aspirin, I believe that heparin injections are also needed, as I understand it that and aspirin are normal protocol in APS pregnancies! Be pushy hon, ask if they can move appointment forward with consultant or try to get gynae and obstetrics involved asap.

I'm sorry for your losses, I know the pain and heartache hon, so glad your little girl made it, I hope she's well. Hugs little one xxxx

I amongst many others on here will have everything crossed for you. Here if you need us!

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Helen - and congratulations from me too. Being on Aspirin is as I understand it correct and hopefully they will also start you on Heparin injections too.

I would push to be sent to the high risk unit of your local pregnancy clinic and ask for additional scans at least until you are through the dicey part of what has been the high risk time for you in the past. I wish you all the luck in the world and has been said above we will all be holding our breath and crossing everything in sight! :-)


Thank you for your kinds words :) Silly question, but is a gp likely to prescribe heparin without the initial guidance of obstretics or will I need to see an obstetrician first? Xx


Get the Gp to phone the obstetric team if he won't give it to you, people now have Heparin and Asprin. Together, don't wait for your appointment at the hospital take as much information about the need for heparin etc in case you need to argue your case. Sit back and relax and don't leave the surgery without a prescription.

Make an appointment to see your Gp tomorrow., that's what I would do, you have had enough heart ache already.

The injections are really easy to do, good luck

The Hughes foundation web site should have a lot of information on there as well as here

Hoping everything goes well for you this time xx

Please let us know how you get on


My first 2 pregnancies ended in early miscarriage . A few days after I found out I was pregnant for the third time I had my APS diagnosis. I was given aspirin and clexane injections. I was told the injections increased my chances from 20% to 80%. I was was under the consultant right throughout my pregnancy and I had multiple scans. I now have a beautiful, perfect 4 year old. Try to get a gynaecologist consultant to look after you ASAP! Good luck x


I live in Canada and the least time I found out I was pregant the first doctor I contacted was my hematologist. He had instructed me to do so. I called his nurse and two hours later I was seeing him. I was on already on Aspirin and he put me on Fragmin injections right away. My daughter is 3 years old now. Before that I had 7 losses between 8 and 12 weeks and many more less than 8 weeks but I do not count those early ones because it would be too depressing. I had a team of specialist helping me throughout the pregnancy and they made this miracle happen for me. I wish you the best of luck !!!


Thank you everyone!! Spoken to the doc and he's agreed to start the lmw heparin straight away :) I have an appointment to discuss the particulars...

He did mention a letter a received from the haematologist stating that I am online borderline aps positive - how can you be borderline???


I think I just answered that question on another thread but it does not matter really as the most important thing is that you get the correct treatment and have a successful pregnancy. Im pleased for you - good for you for being so persistent xx


Congratulations Hun, be very pushy I had to beg for heparin injections and aspirin when I was pregnant last year thankfully I had a very good consultant and he said yes straight away because of my history of stillbirths and misscarriges. And thanks to heparin and aspirin I have my third addition (phoebe naomi ) to my lovely little family and wouldn't be without her.


My doctor, bless him, had been incredible. He put me on fragmin straight away, despite it being "against the rules". He arranged a haematology appointment 2 days later, who has given me a months worth of fragmin and will be liasing with gynocology, neurology and my doctor for referrals etc I am super excited! Whilst I know that I have a very long way to go, each day is feeling like a victory and if nothing else, it's a nice feeling knowing the odds are in my favour.

Again, thank you for everyone's kind words and it's great to hear some positive stories xxxx


Helen just wondering how you got on. I really hope you have a beautiful new born. I am currently pregnant again (51/2 weeks) this is my 5th in the past 3 years and all previous pregnancies ended in m/c before and including a mmc at 13.5 weeks.. I am just really struggling with each day as I just can not imagine that I will be successful even though previously the maximum treatment I had was 75mg of aspirin. I am now on 150mg aspirin and fragmin.

Success stories are what I NEED!!!


First of all, congratulations. I am so sorry for all your losses. I was filled with anxiety and fear throughout pregnancy, it's hard. I do however have a success story, I gave birth to my lovely Eden three weeks - she's absolutely perfect. I was induced at 38 weeks, although I did have to fight with unsupportive consultants during the induction process who even questioned my aps diagnosis. We did get there in the end. I also know of another lady with aps who gave birth at 37 weeks (also induced) a week ago. I really hope you have a good team around you and that they've found the right treatment xxxx


Just to add, we were both on the combined treatment of aspirin and fragmin xxx


I saw your lovely picture of your beautiful little girl this morning and am so pleased everything turned out well in the end. It really helps to see success stories and I just hope that I can be successful too. I really like my consultant and with direction from Raj Rai at St Mary's I hope this is the right treatment for me to get my take home baby.

Once again so very pleased for you and your family. xxxx


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