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seen the rheumatologist

Saw this lovely doctor yesterday and he was really helpful and knows all about Hughes and related conditions.

He said I have clearly had some kind of flare up and my symptoms are allied to fibromyalgia and so is going to treat me accordingly. Gave me a steroid injection and I've to report back in two weeks; if no improvement will try medication.

It is so tedious but I have accepted that I need to pace myself and try not to do too much. My physio is going to give me some muscle strength exercises and has suggested building up from a ten minute walk each day. My lovely hubby is doing loads round the house, because my cleaning lady isn't well, but I do feel bad at how much he has to do.


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Welcome to the group i am glad you have found a doc that is supporting you and like your hubby a lot of us have people who we put upon but if they did not love you or want to do it they would not be here and i know how haveing a support system is so important.

Have a look at the link below it might help




hi paddy and caroline.. nice to know that i am not the only person who has aps. i worked in the er for 1 years and never hears of aps.. neither did the doctors. therefore i was fired. what o you think about this thanks. happy cyperspace shopping on monday


Hi Caroline, I am really pleased you medical contact has been so good, and that your support system is so good - get better soon. Mary F x


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