Update on cardiac catherization and saw new Rheumatologist today!

Hi thank you all for ur well wishes! My heart is fine! Doc aid cud be something else and to follow up! So happy my heart good now! I went to new Rheumy for Sjogrens and he wants me to start Plaquinl! I read side effects and I'm scared to put another medicine into my body! Have any of you who have taken Plaquenil had side effects! Like hair loss, nausea, loss of weight , diareah, or vomiting! I do have Rheumatoid Arthritus and other stuff I didn't know about! I had many exrays! I like this man very much! Very smart and informative! Psycologically im not ready to deal with other issues! Must take one thing at a time for now! Thx any info on Plaquenil wud be greatly appreciated!

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  • Glad your OK, Deb.

    For me plaquenil was a magic pill. I took it for 7 years, and now I've been taking it for 3 1/2 years. Never any side effects. Just felt better. It takes time to feel the difference and more time for it to fully take effect. I would definitely take it, if I were you with many autoimmune issues.

  • Thank you Ann! Ur a doll! I seem to have I osteoporosis pretty badly! If u knew me I'm a 63 yr old woman who still thinks she's 20! Active Hugo to concerts! I havnt felt well since my trip to Nashville! Think taking care of my hubby and mentally challenged stepson was beyond all boarders! Way too much! They made me miserable! No matter what I did was never enuf to make them smile! It burst my bubble, but had fun cuz avvfdear friend was thee same time as me! Tx for the Olympics response! I'm so scared to take any ne meds cuz of my allergies! This Rheumy I went to called in an immunologist that he shares an office with! Amazing woman and I will c her! I'm done after her! I can't handle any more diseases! Osteoporosis is enuf! Now I understand my agony every day of my life! But have never let it stop me! This is stopping me! The RA too but must keep moving and fighting! Glad it helped u Ann! Godspeed!

  • I hope that won't stop you from taking plaquenil. If you are worried, buy some benedryl to have on hand when you first take. After many years of taking it I developed some itching but it wasn't enough for me to stop taking it. I really don't know if plaquenil was causin the itching.

  • Good idea! I'm starting it today because I'll b home with my Benedryl close by! Used all my epi pens up! Forgot to get another lol.... Not really funny, but u Gota laugh!!! It helps me to laugh at myself!!! Lol...

  • Hope it goes without a hitch. Just remember to give it time to work. I used to have an almost continual low grade fever. It went away after six weeks, after that my health gradually improved. You can still have bad days on plaquenil, too. So just because you feel bad for a while isn't reason to give up. If it works for you, eventually, you will feel bad less of the time. I don't exactly know how it works for APS, because I took it for UCTD, but I'd assume fewer antibodies would mean fewer problems from APS. I do remember once I tried going off of it with my rheumatologists permission. When I reported back that I was having terrible migraines he told me to go back on it, and my migraines did improve. I think he was thinking APS before there was much know about it APS.

  • Thx AnnNY I'm going to start the Plaquinl today with ur suggestion of Benedryl close by!!! Lol... I had cath 5?days ago and was fine! Today at site have lump and can't walk! Last cath I had I was I got an anyeurism! It was 2 weeks after cath and went on trip to North Carolina! Got lump and called my doc in NY and he said to get on a plane and get to him immediately, but we were SNOWED IN AND My friends wouldn't take me rite away to hospital they had to take pictures first! When they came bak I wa delerious with a fever and they tuk me and doc called NY and they had to operate in ER right then and there! If bad tomorrow I'll call my doc and go in! Feels like Anex! I'm just too tired to be bothered with all this hoop la!!! Lol... Have a good day my friend!!! Godspeed!

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