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Does anyone else suffer gastric problems?

I do, varying degrees of pain and symptoms, seen consultant 18 months ago, who wanted to perform surgery to remove gallbladder, but the anaesthetist refused, due to my clotting history and general health, i understood, but still struggled withhis decision, although in saying that i do not think my gallbladder per se is the root of the problem, just wanted to know others thought on this matter. Thanks in advance! Sarahx

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There could be a number of reasons for gastric problems from IBS, Gluten Intolerance, Reflux to Autonomic Neuropathy. These things may or may not have anything to do with APS and could be standalone conditions completely unrelated.

As far as your situation is concerned you are entitled to ask for a second opinion perhaps you should exercise that right so you can find out what all your options are.

Let us know how things are going. XX


Hi Sarah,

I have a few gastric issues, been seeing various consultants for it for several years now. I did have my gall bladder out as I had gall stones and was suffering with lots of pain with it. And I did suffer an enormous clotting event after it (which is what started my journey to my APS diagnosis) so I can under stand their concerns. But I would seek a second opinion because if the operation is need there are precautions they can take. I have since also been diagnosed with IBS but I think it's more related to my APS as it gets worse when my INR goes low or too high. One consultant told me that he didn't believe in IBS so to speak and that doctors just used it when they had run out of ideas on what it might be.

Hope you get some answers soon

Jenny x


Hi there sorry to hear this and the trio of disease often means many of us have thyroid issues, and some without diagnosis.. gallbladder problems are common with this. Also I don't know if this is helpful to you, but found this article on possible help to calm down these attacks using diet.... please ignore if not of interest. Mary F x


Sorry to hear about the problems you're having. Thought I'd just add my recent personal experience to this thread. I too have had gastric problems in the past, still have IBS, and about 3 years ago was diagnosed with gall stones. I was going to be operated upon back then but I was advised not to have the operation back then by the Chief Surgeon(?) who was worried about my fragile immune system at the time. Three years later, the decision was taken to do the operation as my Gall Bladder was now giving me a lot of pains all over my body, including my back, severe cramps in my abdomen first thing in the morning, my shoulders, neck.....! Basically the operation was done and literally all those unexplained aches and pains evaporated. Most of my gastric problems have calmed down too. I have no ill effects from loosing my Gall Bladder and I'm proceeding with life just fine. I obviously cut out things from my diet to compensate, but I'm okay without chocolates, sweets and other items on the list. Surprisingly, Gall Stones can be responsible for weird pains in your body that you'd think they couldn't possibly influence. Hope this helps. Take care and good health.


Thanks for the replies, all very informative, I read in other posts about people being affected by their INR going a bit wonky, I mentioned this a few years ago to my GP, and he dismissed it, but I remained unconvinced, I always feel reassured reading others issues and thought, I sure get more from this wonderful group than i have any medical profession! Thanks xxx


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