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Claim: Tetanus Vaccine Causes a New Disease Known as Antiphospholipid Syndrome

I came across this article today.

First I've heard of such a claim. Make of it what you will. The first thing that springs to my mind is why are sufferers predominantly women , isn't the incidence of tetanus vaccination pretty even amongst the sexes?

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Interesting article Tim.

I think APS does appear to affect more women than men but this may just be because it is detected as a cause of miscarriage, which us men don't suffer from, and we don't have a similar, common, 'main' problem that APS causes.

I certainly know that the flu virus - I've had it twice but never again - caused me to feel dreadful for 6 to 8 weeks each time.

Best wishes.



Indeed so Dave, though I wonder if there are any stats for those diagnosed other than through pregnancy issues. If so the spread should be even.

Look forward to UCL's conclusions Kate.

Thanks one and all.


Yes, interesting article. Certainly there is much research by Yeduda Schonfeld into the impact of vaccines as well as other adjuvants, but perhaps a little bit previous to claim that tetanus vaccines alone are responsible for causing APS. There is definitely an environmental trigger though and hopefully more research will find out the exact causes and mechanisms for APS. UCL are conducting fascinating research into the mechanics of APS which ultimately looks at different ways of treating or 'curing' it - watch this space ...


This doesn't surprise me at all.

The Tetanus vaccine used in UK also contains diptheria vaccine unless this has changed.

I started looking into vaccines when my animals became sick after having them. What I discovered was eye opening and alarming.

I won't have any of them but this is a personal choice.



Does anyone know if....

In the late 1940's-1950's were public school children vaccinated against polio in the UK public school system as they were in the US public school system? I just wondered as I have read many claims by many a mom who blame the vaccination for a myriad of problems including an increase in autism, ADHD, and other diagnoses for children who received it during that decade. We all have a circular mark (scar) from the injection site. I became very, very ill and lost the rest of the school year(about 3rd grade or so?). Lost the memory of that year really. Feel like I managed to block it out. Didn't happen to my sister nor brother. It is no longer mandatory. It is up to the parent now so not all children are being vaccinated. It can get as sensitive as the subject of home schooling!

The article link you sent was fascinating and gave several reference titles that looked interesting as well. Thank you very much, Tim.

Wishing you well.



I was recently diagnosed because I have had 2 DVT and 2 PE, but genetic testing was negative. Finally got a Dr to listen and do more tests. I've never had an issue with miscarriage, although my first DVT occurred when I was pregnant with my son. Dr says that probably when I "acquirred" APS.


Hi Tonimw, I see you have just joined, welcome. You have posted on a 4 year old thread. Can I suggest you post a new thread, telling us a bit about yourself, where you from etc? When you say diagnosed - do you mean with APS/Hughes syndrome? This a a particular forum for people with this disease.

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