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Changable eyesight?

Hi all

I'm sure this has been covered but my eyesight is so changable at the moment I can't keep up. I used to have perfect vision and then i got a CSR (Central Screen Retinopathy - it's like a cyst in your eye but pushes into your focal point) which pused my retina away from the wall of my eye. The fluid has gone but the retina never returns flat so one eye is like I'm looking through oil. After that calmed down I got some glasses with a prism to make the eyesight line up.

However I feel that my vision changes so much. There are days when I can't read a poster on the wall that on other days it is as clear as day. Somedays I can use my computer all day without my glasses on, other days I would have to press my nose up against the monitor. I don't want to alert my colleagues to it (I think it's a pride thing - I am the youngest in my team by 30 years, I can't be losing my eyesight!?!).

When it is so changable I worry that I will lose my eyesight altogether - I know it's a bit dramatic but it does worry me.

Do other people see rapid non-permanent changes in their eyesight?



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Yes daily, some days blurred, some days not. Wear varifocals and sometimes I just cannot bear to wear them, never happened before, only been since latest lupus/aps flare.


Hi tasch

same here hon, I wear glasses anyway, some days better some worse. My eyesight better i think because of higher inr!!

Get spots in vision, double vision, foggy vision too.

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxx jessielou xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Ditto you are not alone !



Me too. I wear varifocals and I am constantly moving them to find the right spot. Then I take them off to clean them because I think they are dirty only to find they are clean!!! So annoying isnt it?

Biggest thing is the cost. My test is due and I am putting off going because Im sure it will mean a change in the lenses again and they are so dam expensive.

Yesterday when I had the DVLA sight test my distance was almost perfect thank god!! On other days I struggle.

Just a thought Tasch - I used loads of drops about an hour before I went to that test yesterday (I have sjogrens anyway) but it made me think that perhaps the dryness is not helping. So perhaps use some artificial tears and see if that helps and if it does get some from your GP. A good one is Vis-med which has no preservatives in it.


tash i have said before on other blogs , questions, etc i have had exstensive eye tests, no problems found BUT? i have periods of blurry vision, lossing puzzle like loss of vision. i cant say that there is a pattern in which i can blame bouncing inrs . but they do come and go. maybe my new super rheumy will be able to shed some light on this, lord knows they took enough blood to see if i was late for dinner. ha ha. i am seeing some results comming in and it looks like all my protien levels are extremely low , low . havnt talked to rheumy as tests are still coming in . maybe this is some thing that might have a bearing on eye issue, have or are you now having low protien levels??? let me know jet


Me too. Had eye test done and my prescription hasn't changed since last year but there are days/times when I just can't get things to focus. Not sure if it is linked to fatigue/tiredness.


I wonder whether if we asked the general population they would anser the same or whether it is linked! I sort of hope it's linked, I know that you guys understand what i mean by that! I haven't checked my potein levels but worth a thought.

Thanks all



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